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产品编号 A100862 | CAS号 2079-89-2 | 阿拉丁
3-Aminopropionitrile fumarate salt
货号 规格 库存 价格 数量
A100862-100g 98% 上海(6)
A100862-25g 98% 上海(>10)
A100862-5g 98% 上海(>10)


熔点 177°C
溶解性 Soluble in water


产品介绍 3-Aminopropionitrile fumarate salt is a useful biochemical for proteomics research.
别名 延胡索酸-3-氨基丙腈酯; 富马酸3-氨基丙腈; 3-氨丙基腈延胡索酸盐; 3-氨基丙腈延胡索酸盐; 3-氨基丙腈富马酸盐;3-Aminopropionitrile Fumarate; 3-Aminopropionitrile fumarate salt; Bis(3-aminopropionitrile) fumarate; 2-Cyanoethylamine hemifumarate; β-Alaninenitrile
应用 A useful biochemical for proteomics research
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标识符号 GHS08 GHS08
信号词 Danger
风险声明 (欧洲) 61
安全声明(欧洲) 53,45
警示性声明 P201,P308+P313
危害码(欧洲) T
危害声明 H360
个人防护设备 Eyeshields,Gloves,type P2 (EN 143) respirator cartridges
RTECS UG0700000
WGK德国 3
S D Chowdhury, R H Davis
1. Laying hens were fed osteolathyrogens, either semicarbazide hydrochloride at 0.3 or 0.4 g/kg or beta-aminopropionitrile fumarate at 0.5 or 0.6 g/kg diet to examine their effects on eggshell quality...Read More
Z Z Deyl, M M Adam, K K Macek
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
L C LC Moorhead
A method for the production of alkali-induced conjunctival scarring in rabbits with minimal corneal involvement is presented. The lathyritic agent Beta-aminopropionitrile (BAPN), an inhibitor of colla...Read More
E E Baden, H H Bouissou, M T MT Pieraggi, M M Julian
The effects of chronic toxicity of beta-aminoproprionitrile (BAPN) on the lingual artery and aorta of the rat were compared. Thirty-two three week old weanling male white Wistar rats were given 1 g/kg...Read More
L L Feuer, B B Bányai, K K Farkas
BAPN-induced osteolathyrism in young and older male rats was examined for its responses to parathormone-free, gel-filtered bovine parathyroid extract (extract P) and to glutaurine (gamma-L-glutamyl-ta...Read More
D L Hoffman, J A Owen, M Chvapil
beta-Aminopropionitrile as free base (BAPN) was applied onto the incised or intact skin of rats at the dose of 5, 20, 100, and 200 microliters for 9 days, twice daily. Breaking strength of the skin wo...Read More
M Chvapil, P R Weinstein, R L Misiorowski, D Telles, L Rankin, V Stoy
Topical sustained release of various medications by a subdurally implantable device at the site of spinal cord injury is considered advantageous in the treatment of early symptoms of tissue damage. A ...Read More
S S Gunasekaran, P P Weinstein, M M Chvapil
The purpose of this study is to evaluate possible toxic effects of beta-aminopropionitrile fumarate (beta APN), a lathyrogenic agent that inhibits fibrosis. This drug has been considered for use as an...Read More
M K MK Gelbard, A A Lindner, J J JJ Kaufman
Purified clostridial collagenase was administered intralesionally in 31 men with Peyronie's disease. Within 4 weeks of treatment 20 patients showed an objective improvement. Pain was eliminated i...Read More
M Osman, R R Kaldany, J O Cantor, G M Turino, I Mandl
Lysyl oxidase activity was measured in lung extracts of hamsters with elastase-induced emphysema 8 days after administration of the enzyme and again after 2, 3, and 4 wk. Levels of activity rose rapid...Read More
G G Granstr?m, C C Jacobsson, S S Kirkeby
Cleft palate was induced in 420 embryos of Sprague-Dawley rats with a single oral dose of 600 mg/kg beta-aminoproprionitrile (BAPN) on embryonal day 15, 7 hours. The cleft palate was accompanied by a ...Read More
Hirotaka Nagashima, Kento Uto, Yasunari Sakomura, Yoshikazu Aoka, Akiko Sakuta, Shigeyuki Aomi, Nobuhisa Hagiwara, Masatoshi Kawana, Hiroshi Kasanuki
Cystic medial degeneration (CMD) is a histologic abnormality that is common in aortic diseases such as aortic dilation, aneurysm, or dissection. Although little is known about the mechanism underlying...Read More
T T Dahl, B B Sabsay, A A Veis
It has been postulated that phosphophoryn (PP) molecules bind specifically to type I collagen fibrils as the key event in inducing matrix mineralization in dentin. The nature and specificity of the co...Read More
E E EE Peacock
A hypothetical basis for control of surface scar in human beings is: lathyrism produces poorly cross-linked collagen in healing wounds; poorly corss-linked collagen is more susceptible to digestion by...Read More
W Y WY Li, S Y SY Shen, G A GA Robertson, M M Khatami, J H JH Rockey
The effect of increasing glucose concentration on the solubility of newly synthesized collagen was studied in bovine retinal capillary pericyte (BRCP) cultures. Synchronized pericytes were labeled wit...Read More
C I CI Levene
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
L C Moorhead, J Smith, R Stewart, R Kimbrough
Beta-aminopropionitrile fumarate, an inhibitor of collagen cross-linking, was used topically in patients after filtration surgery for difficult cases of glaucoma (aphakic, repeat surgery, neovascular)...Read More
A A AA Taverne, I G IG Lemmens, G J GJ Tonino
Collagen fibres in the periodontal ligament may have two functions: to resist displacing forces and to cause the tooth to erupt. Their function was examined in the continuously-erupting incisor of the...Read More
C C Popow, R R Mallinger, P P B?ck, J J H?usler, G G Lubec
Structural and functional changes in lung tissue of mice fed with beta-aminopropionitrile fumarate, L-3-cis-hydroxyproline, and L-4-cis-hydroxyproline. We fed 0.1% solutions of 3-cis-hydroxyproline (3...Read More
D G DG Spoerke, S C SC Smolinske, K M KM Wruk, B H BH Rumack
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
C S CS Zwerling
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More