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产品编号 A103534 | CAS号 50-81-7 | 阿拉丁
Ascorbic acid
99.99% metals basis
货号 规格 库存 价格 数量
A103534-100g 99.99% metals basis 上海(>10)
A103534-500g 99.99% metals basis 上海(10)


敏感性 对光线敏感
旋光率 21 ° (C=10, H2O)
密度 1.7000
熔点 190-192°C
存贮条件 充氩保存


产品介绍 在空气中遇光渐变黄,水溶液呈酸性反应,在空气中易氧化变质。溶于水、醇,不溶于苯、氯仿及乙醚.
别名 L-抗坏血酸;维他命C;维生素C;丙种维生素;2,3,4,5,6-五羟基-2-己烯酸-4-内酯;L-(+)-抗坏血酸维生素C;Vitamin C; L-Ascorbic acid; L-Xyloascorbic acid; 3-Oxo-L-gulofura-nolactone(enol form); L-Threoascorbic acid; Antiscorbutic factor;
生化机理 It protects cells against the damaging effects of radiation and oxygen radicals,increases the rate of mineralization in osteoblasts,reduces Na+/Ca2+ exchange in cultured astrocytes,modulates cyclic nucleotide levels in B and T cells inhibits apoptosis in cultured rat ovarian follicles.
应用 测定砷、铁、磷及碘的基准试剂,色谱分析试剂,抗氧剂,掩蔽剂,还原剂
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安全声明(欧洲) S24/25
个人防护设备 Eyeshields,Gloves,type N95 (US),type P1 (EN143) respirator filter
RTECS CI7650000
WGK德国 1
Merck Index 830
Hui-Min HM Wang, Chung-Yi CY Chen, Chun-Yen CY Chen, Mei-Ling ML Ho, Yi-Ting YT Chou, Hou-Chien HC Chang, Chih-Hung CH Lee, Chau-Zen CZ Wang, I-Ming IM Chu
Tyrosinase is the first and rate limiting enzyme in the synthesis of melanin pigments for coloring hair, skin, and eyes. As reported in this study, a natural product, (-)-N-formylanonaine isolated fro...Read More
Stephan S Braun, Alexander A Botzki, Sunnhild S Salmen, Christian C Textor, Günther G Bernhardt, Stefan S Dove, Armin A Buschauer
Bacterial hyaluronan lyases (Hyal) degrade hyaluronan, an important component of the extracellular matrix, and are involved in microbial spread. Hyal inhibitors may serve as tools to study the role of...Read More
A Guerra, N E Campillo, J A Páez
A neural model based on a numerical molecular representation using CODES program to predict oral absorption of any structure is described. This model predicts both high and low-absorbed compounds with...Read More
Colin I Cercamondi, Ines M Egli, Evariste Mitchikpe, Felicien Tossou, Joamel Hessou, Christophe Zeder, Joseph D Hounhouigan, Richard F Hurrell
Home fortification with lipid-based nutrient supplements (LNSs) is a promising approach to improve bioavailable iron and energy intake of young children in developing countries. To optimize iron bioav...Read More
S Ekins, A J Williams, J J Xu
Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is one of the most important reasons for drug development failure at both preapproval and postapproval stages. There has been increased interest in developing predicti...Read More
Francisco J Prado-Prado, Xerardo García-Mera, Humberto González-Díaz
There are many of pathogen parasite species with different susceptibility profile to antiparasitic drugs. Unfortunately, almost QSAR models predict the biological activity of drugs against only one pa...Read More
Rosa Tundis, Marco Bonesi, Brigitte Deguin, Monica R Loizzo, Federica Menichini, Filomena Conforti, Fran?ois Tillequin, Francesco Menichini
Three triterpene saponins isolated from the roots of Physospermum verticillatum and identified as saikosaponin a (1), buddlejasaponin IV (2), and songarosaponin D (3) were investigated in vitro for th...Read More
Perumal P Rajakumar, Nagarathinam N Venkatesan, Karuppannan K Sekar, Subramani S Nagaraj, Ramasamy R Rengasamy
Synthesis of enone core based dendrimers with carbazole as surface group has been achieved. All the synthesized dendrimers showed excellent antioxidant behavior with commercially available 1,1-dipheny...Read More
Yi-Chun Kuo, Jennifer H Ho, Ta-Jen Yen, How-Foo Chen, Oscar Kuang-Sheng Lee
Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensors have been recognized as a useful tool and widely used for real-time dynamic analysis of molecular binding affinity because of its high sensitivity to the cha...Read More
Nigel N Greene, Lilia L Fisk, Russell T RT Naven, Reine R RR Note, Mukesh L ML Patel, Dennis J DJ Pelletier
Drug-induced liver injury is a major issue of concern and has led to the withdrawal of a significant number of marketed drugs. An understanding of structure-activity relationships (SARs) of chemicals ...Read More
Neelakandan Vidhya Lakshmi, Prakasam Thirumurugan, K M Noorulla, Paramasivan T Perumal
A simple and convenient method for the one-pot three-component synthesis of 3-pyranyl indoles has been accomplished by tandem Knoevenagel-Michael reaction of 3-cyanoacetyl indole, various aromatic ald...Read More
Xue Zhang, Jie-Kun Xu, Jue Wang, Nai-Li Wang, Hiroshi Kurihara, Sumumu Kitanaka, Xin-Sheng Yao
Bioassay-guided fractionation of the 60% ethanol extract of the stems of Dendrobium nobile using the DPPH assay led to the isolation of two new bibenzyl derivatives, nobilin D (1) and nobilin E (2), a...Read More
Masashi M Hatanaka, Chiho C Nishizawa, Tomohiro T Kakinoki, Kyoko K Takahashi, Shigeo S Nakamura, Tadahiko T Mashino
The protective effects of 2,2'-pyridoin derivatives against oxidative stress in the HL-60 cell were evaluated. The derivatives 1-3 and 5-6 inhibited H"2O"2-induced cell death and intrac...Read More
Irene Dini, Gian Carlo Tenore, Antonio Dini
A new cysteine sulfoxide, (S(S)R(C))-S-(3-pentenyl)-L-cysteine sulfoxide (1), was identified from the seeds of Allium cepa var. tropeana, together with the known methiin, etiin, alliin, isoalliin, pro...Read More
C Praveen, P DheenKumar, D Muralidharan, P T Perumal
An improved and practical synthesis of substituted quinolines and bis(indolyl)methanes was achieved under microwave condition using Zn(OTf)"2 as catalyst. The synthesized compounds have been scre...Read More
V V Padmavathi, K K Mahesh, G G Dinneswara Reddy, A A Padmaja
A new class of sulfone linked pyrrolyl oxazolines and thiazolines were synthesized from E-arylsulfonylethenesulfonylacetic acid methyl ester and studied their antimicrobial and antioxidant activities....Read More
Ye Zhang, Biqun Zou, Zhenfeng Chen, Yingming Pan, Hengshan Wang, Hong Liang, Xianghui Yi
4-Schiff base-7-benzyloxy-coumarins 5a(1)-5h(2) and its derivative 6 were designed and synthesized based on the 7-benzyloxy-coumarin structure as novel antioxidants. The in vitro antioxidant activitie...Read More
Chunpeng C Wan, Tao T Yuan, Liya L Li, Vamsikrishna V Kandhi, Nadja B NB Cech, Mingyong M Xie, Navindra P NP Seeram
Thirteen gallic acid derivatives including five new gallotannins, named maplexins A-E, were isolated from red maple (Acer rubrum) stems. The compounds were identified by spectral analyses. The maplexi...Read More
Maria-Jo?o R P MJ Queiroz, Isabel C F R IC Ferreira, Ricardo C RC Calhelha, Letícia M LM Estevinho
7-aryl or 7-heteroarylamino-2,3-dimethylbenzo[b]thiophenes were prepared by Buchwald-Hartwig coupling and their antioxidant properties were evaluated by several methods....Read More
Soumyaditya Mula, Debashish Banerjee, Birija S Patro, Sayanti Bhattacharya, Atanu Barik, Sandip K Bandyopadhyay, Subrata Chattopadhyay
APC and CHV prevented the photosensitized-induced lipid peroxidation of rat liver mitochondria. The better efficacy of APC correlated with its higher reactivity with ^1O"2. APC was also found to ...Read More
Ana A Gomes, Eduarda E Fernandes, Artur M S AM Silva, Clementina M M CM Santos, Diana C G A DC Pinto, José A S JA Cavaleiro, José L F C JL Lima
2-Styrylchromones were tested for their scavenging activity against ROS and RNS. Some of the studied compounds proved to be extremely efficient scavengers of the different ROS and RNS, showing, in som...Read More
Kathrin Schneider, Jonny Nachtigall, Anne H?nchen, Graeme Nicholson, Michael Goodfellow, Roderich D Süssmuth, Hans-Peter Fiedler
A family of new secondary metabolites with a carbazole moiety and an alkyl side chain was isolated from Tsukamurella pseudospumae strain Acta 1857. They were named lipocarbazoles in accordance with th...Read More
Calli A Davison, Sienna M Durbin, Matthew R Thau, Victoria R Zellmer, Sarah E Chapman, Justin Diener, Connor Wathen, W Matthew Leevy, Zachary T Schafer
Metastasis by cancer cells relies upon the acquisition of the ability to evade anoikis, a cell death process elicited by detachment from extracellular matrix (ECM). The molecular mechanisms that ECM-d...Read More
Ana Gomes, Ondrej Neuwirth, Marisa Freitas, Diana Couto, Daniela Ribeiro, Andrea GPR Figueiredo, Artur MS Silva, Raquel SGR Seixas, Diana CGA Pinto, Augusto C Tomé, José AS Cavaleiro, Eduarda Fernandes, José LFC Lima
Nowadays, the recognition of the benefits of antioxidants is eliciting an increasingly interest in the search for new molecules with improved activity. The aim of the present work was to search for im...Read More
Elisabetta Martini, Lorenzo Di Cesare Mannelli, Gianluca Bartolucci, Carlo Bertucci, Silvia Dei, Carla Ghelardini, Luca Guandalini, Dina Manetti, Serena Scapecchi, Elisabetta Teodori, Maria Novella Romanelli
A series of cis and trans 3,7-diazabicyclo[4.3.0]nonan-8-ones has been synthesized and tested for their ability to revert scopolamine-induced amnesia in the mouse passive-avoidance test. The racemates...Read More
Mei-Lin ML Yang, Ping-Chung PC Kuo, Tsong-Long TL Hwang, Tian-Shung TS Wu
In order to explore the anti-inflammatory principles of the mycelia of Cordyceps sinensis, the crude extract and partially purified fractions were examined for their inhibition of superoxide anion gen...Read More
Ozlem Ozmen
Cardiovascular disease is one of the most significant causes of mortality in humans and animals, and its etiology is usually unknown. The aim of this study was to investigate the cardiac pathology of ...Read More
Dragan D Ami?, Bono B Luci?
The applicability of the newly developed RM1 and PM6 methods implemented in the semiempirical quantum chemistry mopac2009 software package in modeling free radical scavenging activity of flavonoids wa...Read More
Yan Zhu, Tatiana Koutchma, Keith Warriner, Suqin Shao, Ting Zhou
Patulin is a mycotoxin produced by a wide range of molds involved in fruit spoilage, most commonly by Penicillium expansum and is a health concern for both consumers and manufacturers. The current stu...Read More
A A Akinlolu, L S Kassim, M T Shokunbi
This study investigated the neurotoxic effects of the combined intramuscular administration of Artemether (0.5 mg/kg/b.w.), Quinine (5.14 mg/kg/b.w.) and Ascorbic acid (0.21 mg/kg/b.w) on the cerebell...Read More
Hyoung Ja HJ Kim, Eun Jung EJ Kim, Seon Hee SH Seo, Cha-Gyun CG Shin, Changbae C Jin, Yong Sup YS Lee
Bioassay-directed chromatographic fractionation of an ethyl acetate extract of Gardenia jasminoides (Gardeniae Fructus) afforded a new vanillic acid 4-O-beta-d-(6'-sinapoyl)glucopyranoside (1) an...Read More
Su Yang Jeong, Do Youn Jun, Young Ho Kim, Byung-Sun Min, Bo Kyung Min, Mi Hee Woo
The aerial parts of Aruncus dioicus var. kamtschaticus afforded five new monoterpenoids (1-5): 4-(erythro-6,7-dihydroxy-9-methylpent-8-enyl)furan-2(5H)-one (1, aruncin A), 2-(8-ethoxy-8-methylpropylid...Read More
Dezhong Yin, Zhuo Wang, Qinghong Gao, Renuka Sundaresan, Chris Parrish, Qingfen Yang, Paul H Krebsbach, Alexander C Lichtler, David W Rowe, Janet Hock, Peng Liu
Bone marrow transplantation can provide an effective cell-based strategy to enhance bone repair. However, the fate of implanted cells and the extent of their contribution to bone osteoinduction remain...Read More
Faisal Hayat, Emma Moseley, Attar Salahuddin, Robyn L Van Zyl, Amir Azam
A new series of chloroquinoline based chalcones were synthesized and evaluated for in vitro antiamoebic and antimalarial activities. The results showed that out of fifteen compounds, four were found t...Read More
A A AA Toropov, A P AP Toropova, I I Raska
Simplified molecular input line entry system (SMILES) has been utilized in constructing quantitative structure-property relationships (QSPR) for octanol/water partition coefficient of vitamins and org...Read More
Zhichao Liu, Qiang Shi, Don Ding, Reagan Kelly, Hong Fang, Weida Tong
Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is a significant concern in drug development due to the poor concordance between preclinical and clinical findings of liver toxicity. We hypothesized that the DILI typ...Read More
Amit Kumar Mishra, Richa Rai, S B Agrawal
The effects of elevated CO2 and O3, singly and in combination were investigated on various physiological, biochemical and yield parameters of two locally grown wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars (...Read More
Denis Fourches, Julie C Barnes, Nicola C Day, Paul Bradley, Jane Z Reed, Alexander Tropsha
Drug-induced liver injury is one of the main causes of drug attrition. The ability to predict the liver effects of drug candidates from their chemical structures is critical to help guide experimental...Read More
Yewei Sun, Jie Jiang, Zaijun Zhang, Pei Yu, Linda Wang, Changlin Xu, Wei Liu, Yuqiang Wang
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
Stephen Beatty, John M Nolan, Katherine A Muldrew, Jayne Woodside, Michael R Stevenson, Usha Chakravarthy
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
Marylhi Mora, Shirley J Medina-Leendertz, Ernesto Bonilla, Raikelin E Terán, Milagros C Paz, José Luis Arcaya
In the present study we compared the effects of minocycline and ascorbic acid in the life span, motor activity and lipid peroxidation of Drosophila melanogaster, in an effort to find a substance capab...Read More
Jing Li, Yuanqing Ding, Xing-Cong Li, Daneel Ferreira, Shabana Khan, Troy Smillie, Ikhlas A Khan
Two new dihydropyranocoumarins, scuteflorins A (1) and B (2), together with the known compounds decursin (3), chrysin (4), oroxylin A (5), wogonin (6), 5,7-dihydroxy-8,2'-dimethoxyflavone, dihydr...Read More
H Goldenberg, H Landertshamer, H Laggner
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is an important physiological antioxidant. Within cells, it is practically always present in the reduced form. Several enzymatic and nonenzymatic mechanisms have been reporte...Read More
Anna Catarina Manjolinha Mamede, Sonia Dorilde Gomes Tavares, Ana Margirida Coelho Abrantes, Joana Cortesao Casimiro Nasc Trindade, Jorge Maia Pereira, Maria Filomena Rabeca Roque Botelho
Vitamins are essential nutrients for human metabolism, playing an important role as coenzymes or enzymes in many vital processes for the normal functioning of the body. In recent years, it has become ...Read More
Cardiomyocyte differentiation of certain clones of murine induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) was estimated. iPS were obtained due to reprogramming of murine embryonic fibroblasts with transposon-bas...Read More
Tran Thi Nhung, Ik-Joong Kang, Sang-Wha Lee
Flowerlike gold nanostructure was facilely prepared by the seed-mediated growth of gold nanoparticles in chitosan-TPP template films. Firstly, chitosan nanoparticles, spontaneously formed by inter and...Read More
Yunes Panahi, Babak Mostafazadeh, Alireza Abrishami, Alireza Saadat, Fatemeh Beiraghdar, Sasan Tavana, Bahram Pishgoo, Shahram Parvin, Amirhossein Sahebkar
Smoking is among the established yet modifiable risk factors for cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and pulmonary disorders. Oxidative stress has been proposed as a key mechanism mediating the deleteri...Read More
Y B Shaik-Dasthagirisaheb, G Varvara, G Murmura, A Saggini, A Caraffa, P Antinolfi, S Tete', D Tripodi, F Conti, E Cianchetti, E Toniato, M Rosati, L Speranza, A Pantalone, R Saggini, M Tei, A Speziali, P Conti, T C Theoharides, F Pandolfi
Inflammatory responses are operationally characterized by pain, redness, heat and swelling at the site of infection and trauma. Mast cells reside near small blood vessels and, when activated, release ...Read More
Kathryn Blaschke, Kevin T Ebata, Mohammad M Karimi, Jorge A Zepeda-Martínez, Preeti Goyal, Sahasransu Mahapatra, Angela Tam, Diana J Laird, Martin Hirst, Anjana Rao, Matthew C Lorincz, Miguel Ramalho-Santos
DNA methylation is a heritable epigenetic modification involved in gene silencing, imprinting, and the suppression of retrotransposons. Global DNA demethylation occurs in the early embryo and the germ...Read More
Ulrich Moser
Deficiencies of essential nutrients have been responsible for many epidemic outbreaks of deficiency diseases in the past. Large observational studies point at possible links between nutrition and chro...Read More
Beata Jab?onowska-Lietz, Agnieszka Jarosz, Graiyna Nowicka
The health benefits arising from antioxidant vitamins A, C and E are well recognised and their recommended dietary intake for the general population have been established. However, there is still a ne...Read More
Toshio Inui, Daisuke Kuchiike, Kentaro Kubo, Martin Mette, Yoshihiro Uto, Hitoshi Hori, Norihiro Sakamoto
Immunotherapy has become an attractive new strategy in the treatment of cancer. The laboratory and clinical study of cancer immunotherapy is rapidly advancing. However, in the clinical setting, the re...Read More
Vishal Chugh, Narinder Kaur, M S Grewal, Anil K Gupta
The role of oxidative stress management was evaluated in two maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes - Parkash (drought-resistant) and Paras (drought-sensitive), subjected to drought stress during reproductive ...Read More
Pratima Tripathi, Shivani Pandey
Increased production of oxygen free radicals and decreased oxidant capacity occur in coronary artery diseases (CAD) This pro-oxidant shift in intracellular redox state may induce cell death by either ...Read More
Seth M Armah, Alicia Carriquiry, Debra Sullivan, James D Cook, Manju B Reddy
Many algorithms have been developed in the past few decades to estimate nonheme iron absorption from the diet based on single meal absorption studies. Yet single meal studies exaggerate the effect of ...Read More
Ghasem Saki, Majid Jasemi, Ali Reza Sarkaki, Ali Fathollahi
The aims of this study were to evaluate the effects of administration of Vitamins C and E on fertilization capacity in rats exposed to noise stress. 40 adult male rats were randomly divided into 5 equ...Read More
Lisa K Stamp, John L O'Donnell, Christopher Frampton, Jill M Drake, Mei Zhang, Peter T Chapman
Studies in human volunteers have shown that vitamin C reduces serum urate (SU) levels. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of vitamin C on SU levels in patients with gout.Patients with ...Read More
Christopher M Stephenson, Robert D Levin, Thomas Spector, Christopher G Lis
This phase I clinical trial evaluated the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of high-dose intravenous (i.v.) ascorbic acid as a monotherapy in patients with advanced solid tumors refractory to...Read More
Uwe Gr?ber, Ralph Mücke, Peter Holzhauer, Klaus Kisters
Many patients receiving cancer treatment use micronutrient supplements, with the intention to complement their cancer treatment, or help them cope with the therapy- and disease-associated side-effects...Read More
Nichapa Chiamchanya
Iron deficiency anemia has occurred more frequently in female than male regular blood donors. Iron supplement is necessary for maintaining the hemoglobin level. A combination with ascorbic acid increa...Read More
Po-Chun Wang, Yan-Ling Huang, Sheng-Shu Hou, Chen-Hsi Chou, Jui-Chen Tsai
Palmitoyl glycol chitosan (GCP) hydrogel has been reported as erodible controlled-release systems for the delivery of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules. In this study we prepared lauroyl/palm...Read More
Feng Xu, Mei Hua, Lei Luo, Huali Du, Yunhui Yang
In this article, we describe an aptamer-based sandwich-type electrochemical sensor for the detection of human alpha-thrombin. Au nanoneedles were synthesized in the hole of the naked polycarbonate (PC...Read More
Karen Schimpf, Linda Thompson, Steve Baugh
This method for the determination of vitamin C by HPLC allows for the separation and quantitation of L-ascorbic acid in infant, pediatric, and adult nutritional products. Liquids, semisolids, and powd...Read More
Rainer Hakimi
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
H R Harris, L Bergkvist, A Wolk
Background:Vitamin C may influence cancer progression through its antioxidant properties. However, the evidence from observational epidemiologic studies on vitamin C intake and survival following brea...Read More
Xiaoping Liu, Jianjing Tong, Joseph R Zweier, Douglas Follmer, Craig Hemann, Raed S Ismail, Jay L Zweier
The endogenous vasodilator nitric oxide (NO) is metabolized in tissues in an oxygen-dependent manner. In skeletal and cardiac muscle, high concentrations of myoglobin (Mb) function as a potent NO scav...Read More
Masahiko Yano, Masanori Ikeda, Ken-Ichi Abe, Hiromichi Dansako, Shogo Ohkoshi, Yutaka Aoyagi, Nobuyuki Kato
To date, only a limited number of studies have reported finding an influence of ordinary nutrients on hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA replication. However, the effects of other nutrients on HCV RNA replic...Read More
V Padmavathi, G Dinneswara Reddy, S Nagi Reddy, K Mahesh
The reactivity of ketene dithiolates in the presence of different equivalents of sodium ethoxide was studied. 2-(Bis((5-aryl-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl)methylthio)methylene)malononitriles 5 and 2-(bis((5-ar...Read More
Damien Cressier, Caroline Prouillac, Pierre Hernandez, Christine Amourette, Michel Diserbo, Claude Lion, Ghassoub Rima
In this work, we report the synthesis and characterization of new compounds derived from benzothiazoles and thiadiazoles. We observed that structural modifications on these skeletons affected the anti...Read More
Natarajan N Arumugam, Raghavachary R Raghunathan, Abdulrahman I AI Almansour, Usama U Karama
A facile and efficient synthesis of novel chromeno[4,3-b]pyrroles has been accomplished by intramolecular 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition which on subsequent Pictet-Spengler cyclisation in presence of p-tol...Read More
Loyal A Goff, Shayne Boucher, Christopher L Ricupero, Sara Fenstermacher, Mavis Swerdel, Lucas G Chase, Christopher C Adams, Jonathan Chesnut, Uma Lakshmipathy, Ronald P Hart
Human multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) have the potential to differentiate into multiple cell types, although little is known about factors that control their fate. Differentiation-specific...Read More
Young Woo Eom, Jong Eun Lee, Mal Sook Yang, In Keun Jang, Hyo Eun Kim, Doo Hoon Lee, Young Jin Kim, Won Jin Park, Jee Hyun Kong, Kwang Yong Shim, Jong In Lee, Hyun Soo Kim
This study examined a rapid isolation method decreasing the time and cost of the clinical application of adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ASCs).Aliquots (10 g) of the lipoaspirates were stored at 4...Read More
Zhen-Yu ZY Lu, Zhen-Jian ZJ Lin, Wen-Liang WL Wang, Lin L Du, Tian-Jiao TJ Zhu, Yu-Chun YC Fang, Qian-Qun QQ Gu, Wei-Ming WM Zhu
In order to search for structurally novel and bioactive natural compounds from microorganisms, a halotolerant fungal strain, Penicillium citrinum B-57, which mainly produces citrinin derivatives, was ...Read More
Martin M Spickenreither, Stephan S Braun, Günther G Bernhardt, Stefan S Dove, Armin A Buschauer
Previously, we identified ascorbic acid 6-O-hexadecanoate as an up to 1500 times more potent inhibitor of bacterial and bovine hyaluronidases than the parent compound, vitamin C, and determined a crys...Read More
Tomohiro Itoh, Masayuki Ninomiya, Masaharu Yasuda, Kaneyuki Koshikawa, Yoshihiro Deyashiki, Yoshinori Nozawa, Yukihiro Akao, Mamoru Koketsu
We isolated the 4 kinds of flavonoids from strawberry 'Nohime' and examined the effect of these flavonoids on the degranulation in RBL-2H3 cells. The flavonoids were found to suppress the de...Read More
Hua Huang, Yan Chen, Jin Ye
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a single-stranded positive-sense RNA virus of the Flaviviridae family. HCV-infected hepatocytes are known to produce reactive oxygen species (ROS), which initiate lipid pero...Read More
Ofentse O Mazimba, Runner R T RR Majinda, Ceciliah C Modibedi, Ishmael B IB Masesane, Avrelija A Cenci?, Walter W Chingwaru
The investigation of Tylosema esculentum (Morama) husks, cotyledons, and tuber yielded griffonilide 2, compound 1, griffonin 3, gallic acid 4, protocatechuic acid 5, β-sitosterol 6, behenic acid 7, o...Read More
Paramasivam Parthiban, Viswalingam Subalakshmi, Krishnamurthy Balasubramanian, Md Nurul Islam, Jae Sue Choi, Yeon Tae Jeong
A mini-library of diversely substituted 2,4-diaryl-3-azabicyco[3.3.1]nonan-9-one O-methyloximes and their N-methyl analogs were synthesized by a non-laborious, modified and an optimized Mannich conden...Read More
Remedios Castelló-Cros, Edna Cukierman
It is increasingly recognized that interactions between cancer cells and their surrounding stroma are critical for promoting the growth and invasiveness of tumors. For example, cancer cells alter the ...Read More
Min Hye Yang, Kee Dong Yoon, Young-Won Chin, Ju Hyun Park, Jinwoong Kim
Phytochemical studies of the chloroform soluble fraction of Dioscoreaopposita resulted in the isolation of four new compounds, 3,5-dihydroxy-4-methoxybibenzyl (1), 3,3',5-trihydroxy-2'-metho...Read More
Harmeet S Sandhu, Sameer Sapra, Mukesh Gupta, Kunal Nepali, Raju Gautam, Sunil Yadav, Raj Kumar, Sanjay M Jachak, Manoj Chugh, Manish K Gupta, Om P Suri, K L Dhar
A series of arylidene analogues of Meldrum's acid were synthesized and evaluated for in vitro antimalarial and antioxidant activities for the first time. The influence of various physico-chemical...Read More
D E Johns, M E Wong, K A Athanasiou
Tissue-engineering of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disc aims to provide patients with TMJ disorders an option to replace diseased tissue with autologous, functional tissue. This study examined cl...Read More
Dongshin Kim, Elisa Monaco, Aaron Maki, Alecsandra Sobreira Lima, Hyun Joon Kong, Walter L Hurley, Matthew B Wheeler
Advances in bioengineering, material chemistry, and developmental biology have led to the design of three-dimensional (3D) culture systems that better resemble the surrounding structure and chemistry ...Read More
B B Ramesh, Chetan M CM Bhalgat
In the present study, we have synthesized novel dihydropyrimidines (1a-j), their dimethylated adducts (2a-j), and hydrazine derivatives (3a-j) of 2a-j and subsequently their pyrazole derivatives (4a-j...Read More
A B A El-Gazzar, H N Hafez, G A M Nawwar
Synthesis of 2-thioxopyrimido[4,5-b]quinoline 3a-c by microwave oven was used as a base to synthesis acyclic nucleosides analogue of types, 3-(penta-O-acetyl-glycosyl)-6-(4-chlorophenyl)-10-(4-chlorop...Read More
Dimitra D Hadjipavlou-Litina, George E GE Magoulas, Stavros E SE Bariamis, Denis D Drainas, Konstantinos K Avgoustakis, Dionissios D Papaioannou
A series of symmetric and asymmetric spermine (SPM) conjugates with all-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA), acitretin (ACI), (E)-3-(trioxsalen-4'-yl)acrylic acid (TRAA) and l-DOPA, amides of ACI, l-DOPA ...Read More
Eleni E Pontiki, Dimitra D Hadjipavlou-Litina, Konstantinos K Litinas, Orazio O Nicolotti, Angelo A Carotti
A series of novel acrylic acid derivatives bearing at the 3 position thienyl, furfuryl and 3,5-ditert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl substituents have been designed, synthesized and tested as potential dual li...Read More
Nobuwa N Aoki, Mai M Muko, Emi E Ohta, Shinji S Ohta
An ethyl acetate-soluble fraction of a methanol extract from the stems of Angelica keiskei was subjected to chromatographic separation to give three new chalcones, designated as xanthokeismins A-C (1-...Read More
Jun-Seong JS Park, Hye Yoon HY Park, Dong Hyun DH Kim, Duck Hee DH Kim, Han Kon HK Kim
ortho-Dihydroxyisoflavone derivatives isolated from aged Doenjang (1-3) are reported....Read More
Jun-Seong Park, Dong Hyun Kim, Jae Kyoung Lee, Jin Young Lee, Duck Hee Kim, Han Kon Kim, Hak-Ju Lee, Ho Cheol Kim
Natural o-dihydroxyisoflavone (ODI) derivatives with variable hydroxyl substituent at the aromatic ring of isoflavone and three known isoflavones were isolated from five-year-old Korean fermented soyb...Read More
Judit Bartalis, Fathi T Halaweish
The aim of this study was to evaluate cucurbitacins (Cucs) liver protective activity in vitro and conduct QSAR studies against lipophilicity and ab initio descriptors. Nine Cucs were isolated from Cuc...Read More
Sungbum S Kim, Youngmin Y Kim, Younggyu Y Kong, Hyojung H Kim, Jahyo J Kang
A new hybrid derived from retinol was designed to improve the stability and anti-oxidant activity of retinol and also to add whitening properties besides its usual anti-aging properties. A variety of ...Read More
Munirah M Sha'ban, Soon Hee SH Kim, Ruszymah Bh RB Idrus, Gilson G Khang
Synthetic- and naturally derived- biodegradable polymers have been widely used to construct scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering. Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) are bioresorbable and bioco...Read More
Seung Hwan Kim, Ch Naveen Kumar, Hyoung Ja Kim, Dong Han Kim, Jungsook Cho, Changbae Jin, Yong Sup Lee
Due to high reactivity, reactive oxygen species can attack biological molecules leading to cell or tissue injury. In this study, glucose moiety was attached at the C-7 position of quercetin 3-O-methyl...Read More
Kui Zeng, Karin Emmons Thompson, Charles R Yates, Duane D Miller
Quinic acid (QA) esters found in hot water extracts of Uncaria tomentosa (a.k.a. cat's claw) exert anti-inflammatory activity through mechanisms involving inhibition of the pro-inflammatory trans...Read More
Karen Pauwelyn, Philip Roelandt, Tineke Notelaers, Pau Sancho-Bru, Johan Fevery, Catherine M Verfaillie
Mouse embryonic stem cells (mESC) have been used to study lineage specification in vitro, including towards a hepatocyte-like fate, and such investigations guided lineage differentiation protocols for...Read More
Jonathan Ferrand, Philippe Lehours, Annie Schmid-Alliana, Francis Mégraud, Christine Varon
The role of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) in the physiology of the gastrointestinal tract epithelium is currently not well established. These cells can be recruited in response to i...Read More
Kanagasabai Kanagalakshmi, Mariappan Premanathan, Ragunathan Priyanka, Balasubramanian Hemalatha, Arumugasamy Vanangamudi
A convenient, fast and high yielding method for the preparation of 7-methoxyisoflavanone and 2,3-diarylchromanones has been developed by the condensation of benzyl-2-hydroxy-4-alkoxyphenylketone with ...Read More
Bakr F Abdel-Wahab, Ghada EA Awad, Farid A Badria
In the present work, 1-(5-methyl-2-phenyl-1H-imidazol-4-yl)ethanone 1 was prepared and used as a precursor for the synthesis of new thiazole, arylidiene and coumarin derivatives. The antimicrobial, an...Read More
Seif-Eldin N SE Ayyad, Mohamed S MS Makki, Nazeeha S NS Al-Kayal, Salim A SA Basaif, Kalid O KO El-Foty, Abdullah M AM Asiri, Walied M WM Alarif, Farid A FA Badria
Three new diterpenes Amijiol acetate (3), dolabellane, Dolabellatrienol (4), and dolastane, Amijiol-7, 10-diacetate (9) were isolated together with the previously described Pachydictyol A (1), Isopach...Read More
M L Alves da Silva, A Martins, A R Costa-Pinto, P Costa, S Faria, M Gomes, R L Reis, N M Neves
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been recognized for their ability to differentiate into cells of different tissues such as bone, cartilage, or adipose tissue, and therefore are of great interest fo...Read More
Michelle M Korda, Jia J Hua, Nick J NJ Little, Nima N Heidari, Gordon W GW Blunn
Revision total hip replacement has a failure rate of up to 25%. Part of the reason for this high failure is the lack of bone stock. In this study, we investigated whether mesenchymal stromal cells (MS...Read More
Lean-Teik Ng, Horng-Huey Ko, Tzy-Ming Lu
Deoxybenzoins (DOBs) are one-pot synthetic precursors of isoflavones with feature analogous to those beneficial polyphenols such as resveratrol (stilbene) and phloretin (dihydrochalcone). In this stud...Read More
Qinghao Q Jin, Xiang Hua XH Han, Seong Su SS Hong, Chul C Lee, Sanggil S Choe, Dongho D Lee, Youngsoo Y Kim, Jin Tae JT Hong, Mi Kyeong MK Lee, Bang Yeon BY Hwang
Two new oligostilbenes, caragasinins A (5) and B (10), and eight known compounds, kobophenol A (1), (+)-α-viniferin (2), (+)-ampelopsin F (3), pallidol (4), (+)-isoampelopsin F (6), miyabenol C (7), ...Read More
Takashi T Yoshida, Ryuji R Inoue, Takashi T Morii, Nobuaki N Takahashi, Shinichiro S Yamamoto, Yuji Y Hara, Makoto M Tominaga, Shunichi S Shimizu, Yoji Y Sato, Yasuo Y Mori
Transient receptor potential (TRP) proteins form plasma-membrane cation channels that act as sensors for diverse cellular stimuli. Here, we report a novel activation mechanism mediated by cysteine S-n...Read More
N Garamszegi, S P Garamszegi, P Samavarchi-Tehrani, E Walford, M M Schneiderbauer, J L Wrana, S P Scully
Matrix remodeling, degradation, inflammation and invasion liberate peptide fragments that can subsequently interact with cells in an attachment-independent manner. Such 'soluble' matrix comp...Read More
Abdullah Ozer, Richard K Bruick
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
Brice B Nadal, Sophie A-L SA Thetiot-Laurent, Serge S Pin, Jean-Philippe JP Renault, Damien D Cressier, Ghassoub G Rima, Antoine A Le Roux, Stéphane S Meunier, Alain A Wagner, Claude C Lion, Thierry T Le Gall
The synthesis of three types of pulvinic acid analogues, using a diversity-oriented strategy starting from a single compound, dimethyl l-tartrate, is described. Lacey-Dieckmann condensation, alcohol d...Read More
Elizabeth M O EM Yeboah, Runner R T RR Majinda, Anders A Kadziola, Alfred A Muller
Three new dihydro-beta-agarofuran polyesters, 1alpha,9beta-difuranoyloxy-2-oxodihydro-beta-agarofuran (1), 1alpha,9beta-difuranoyloxy-2-oxo-3-enedihydro-beta-agarofuran (2), and 1alpha,9beta-difuranoy...Read More
Katherine R Leaver, Haydn N Allbutt, Nathan J Creber, Michael Kassiou, Jasmine M Henderson
Much recent work is investigating the role of oxidative stress and inflammatory mechanisms in the aetiology of neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease. The present study evaluated whether the gr...Read More
Antonio Dell'Anno, Cinzia Corinaldesi, Mirko Magagnini, Roberto Danovaro
Viruses are the most abundant and dynamic biological entities in the world's ecosystems. Marine sediments, the largest biome in the world, have the potential to represent an optimal environment f...Read More
Eslam Nouri-Nigjeh, Hjalmar P Permentier, Rainer Bischoff, Andries P Bruins
The study of oxidative drug metabolism by Cytochrome P450s (P450) is important in the earlier stages of drug development. For this purpose, automated analytical techniques are needed for fast and accu...Read More
A S Thakor, H G Richter, A D Kane, C Dunster, F J Kelly, L Poston, D A Giussani
Episodes of hypoxia in utero present a potentially serious challenge to the fetus, but are counteracted by defence responses including marked redistribution of blood flow from peripheral circulations ...Read More
Jenna E JE Fong, Damien D Le Nihouannen, Svetlana V SV Komarova
During breast cancer metastasis to bone, tumor cells home to bone marrow, likely targeting the stem cell niche, and stimulate osteoclasts, which mediate osteolysis required for tumor expansion. Althou...Read More
Damien Le Nihouannen, Jake E Barralet, Jenna E Fong, Svetlana V Komarova
Ascorbic acid (AA) plays a key role in bone formation. However controversy remains about the effect of AA on cells responsible for bone destruction, osteoclasts. We investigated the effect of AA on os...Read More
Eric H Chudler, Ying Lu
The basal ganglia are involved not only with motor processes such as posture, pre-movement planning and movement initiation, but also with the processing and modulation of nociceptive somatosensory in...Read More
N Yamamoto, J-J Soghomonian
Striatal projection neurons use GABA as their neurotransmitter and express the rate-limiting synthesizing enzyme glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) and the vesicular GABA transporter vGAT. The chronic ...Read More
Louise C Parr-Brownlie, Stacey L Poloskey, Debra A Bergstrom, Judith R Walters
Parkinson's disease is associated with increased oscillatory firing patterns in basal ganglia output, which are thought to disrupt thalamocortical activity. However, it is unclear how specific th...Read More
P Tyagi, D Postetter, D L Saragnese, C L Randall, M A Mirski, D H Gracias
Spatially resolved electrochemical recording of neurochemicals is difficult due to the challenges associated with producing nanometer-scale patternable and integrated sensors. We describe the lithogra...Read More
Xiao-Qing Zhang, Su-Chun Zhang
Directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) to a functional cell type, including neurons, is the foundation for application of hESCs. We describe here a reproducible, chemically def...Read More
Hichame Id Boufker, Laurence Lagneaux, Mehdi Najar, Martine Piccart, Ghanem Ghanem, Jean-Jacques Body, Fabrice Journé
The proto-oncogene Src is an important non-receptor protein tyrosine kinase involved in signaling pathways that control cell adhesion, growth, migration and differentiation. It negatively regulates os...Read More
Jonathan E Kohler, Jeff Mathew, Kaniza Tai, Amy L Blass, Edward Kelly, David I Soybel
Caspase-3, a pro-apoptotic enzyme, represents a class of proteins in which the active site contains reduced thiol (S-H) groups and is modulated by heavy metal cations, such as Zn(2+). We explored the ...Read More
Colin A CA Lowery, Kathleen M KM McKenzie, Longwu L Qi, Michael M MM Meijler, Kim D KD Janda
Quorum sensing activity was investigated in the bacterium Vibrio harveyi using a series of both natural and nonnatural analogs of DPD, the penultimate precursor to autoinducer AI-2. The progression of...Read More
Chao C Ma, Wei W Wang, Yun-Yun YY Chen, Rui-Ning RN Liu, Ru-Feng RF Wang, Li-Jun LJ Du
Bioactivity-guided fractionation of an ethanol extract of the aerial parts of Dioscorea opposita afforded a new compound, 6,7-dihydroxy-2-methoxy-1,4-phenanthrenedione (1), and four known compounds, c...Read More
Xiang-Hai XH Cai, Xiao-Dong XD Luo, Jun J Zhou, Xiao-Jiang XJ Hao
Five new quinone derivatives, (R)-7-hydroxy-alpha-dunnione (1), (R)-8-hydroxy-alpha-dunnione (2), (R)-7,8-dihydroxy-alpha-dunnione (3), (R)-7-methoxy-6,8-dihydroxy-alpha-dunnione (4), and 1,7-dihydrox...Read More
Kayo K Akiyama, Hiroe H Kikuzaki, Takako T Aoki, Akiko A Okuda, Nordin H NH Lajis, Nobuji N Nakatani
Four new terpenoids and a diarylheptanoid were isolated together with 16 known compounds from rhizomes of Zingiber ottensii. The structures of the new compounds were determined to be 1,10,10-trimethyl...Read More
Young-Whan Choi, Satoshi Takamatsu, Shabana I Khan, Pullela V Srinivas, Daneel Ferreira, Jianping Zhao, Ikhlas A Khan
Phytochemical investigation of the fruits of Schisandra chinensis led to the isolation of 13 lignans including schisandrene (13), a new lignan based on a dibenzocyclooctadiene backbone with an exocycl...Read More
Ya-Ching Shen, Chia-Ching Liaw, Yuan-Bin Cheng, Atallah F Ahmed, Mei-Chou Lai, Shorong-Shii Liou, Tian-Shung Wu, Yao-Haur Kuo, Yu-Chi Lin
Four new C18 dibenzocyclooctadiene lignans, kadsuphilins A (1) and B (3), 6-epi-gomisin (2), and 1-demethylkadsuphilin A (4), along with eight known related metabolites, were isolated from an EtOAc fr...Read More
Vidavalur V Siddaiah, Muchchintala M Maheswara, Chunduri C Venkata Rao, Somepalli S Venkateswarlu, Gottumukkala V GV Subbaraju
Intricatin (2) has been revised into 3 and antioxidant activity results are reported....Read More
Chan Woo CW Lee, Eun-Mi EM Son, Han Sung HS Kim, Pan P Xu, Tuyagerel T Batmunkh, Burm-Jong BJ Lee, Kyung Ah KA Koo
The synthesis of the potent melanin formation inhibitors (1-3) is reported....Read More
Antonio Fiorentino, Brigida D'Abrosca, Severina Pacifico, Giuseppe Cefarelli, Piera Uzzo, Pietro Monaco
Two new dibenzoxazepinones have been isolated from the leaves of Carex distachya, an herbaceous plant growing in the Mediterranean area. The structures have been elucidated on the basis of their spect...Read More
Basavaraj Girennavar, G K Jayaprakasha, Y Jadegoud, G A Nagana Gowda, Bhimanagouda S Patil
Bergaptol and geranylcoumarin were isolated from grapefruit and characterized using MS and NMR studies. Both the compounds were tested for their radical scavenging property using ABTS and DPPH methods...Read More
Khurshid I KI Molvi, Kamala K KK Vasu, Swapnil G SG Yerande, Vasudevan V Sudarsanam, Navedul N Haque
A series of new tetrasubstituted thiophenes (4a-4i, 5a-5i and 6a-6f) have been synthesized as novel anti-inflammatory agents and were evaluated for their anti-inflammatory activity in carrageenin-indu...Read More
Ya-Ching YC Shen, Yuan-Bin YB Cheng, Ting-Wei TW Lan, Chia-Ching CC Liaw, Shorong-Shii SS Liou, Yao-Haur YH Kuo, Ashraf Taha AT Khalil
Eight new oxygenated lignans, kadsuphilols A-H (1-8), were isolated from the leaves and stems of Kadsura philippinensis. Four of the isolated lignans (1-4) possess the normal C18-dibenzocyclooctadiene...Read More
Wen-Liang WL Wang, Zhen-Yu ZY Lu, Hong-Wen HW Tao, Tian-Jiao TJ Zhu, Yu-Chun YC Fang, Qian-Qun QQ Gu, Wei-Ming WM Zhu
Twelve new compounds, variecolorins A-L ( 1- 12), together with eleven known analogues ( 13- 23) were isolated from the broth of a halotolerant fungus, Aspergillus variecolor. The structures of compou...Read More
Clara C Cena, Konstantin K Chegaev, Silvia S Balbo, Loretta L Lazzarato, Barbara B Rolando, Marta M Giorgis, Elisabetta E Marini, Roberta R Fruttero, Alberto A Gasco
A new class of products in which NO-donor moieties are linked to either the 3-OH or 2-OH group of ascorbic acid was synthesized. Their physico-chemical properties, antioxidant and vasodilator activiti...Read More
Tomohiro T Itoh, Kenji K Ohguchi, Munekazu M Iinuma, Yoshinori Y Nozawa, Yukihiro Y Akao
Polymethoxy flavones (PMFs) are present in fruit tissues of Citrus species. It has been reported that flavonoids isolated from several Citrus have been shown to suppress the degranulation as inferred ...Read More
P Torres, P Galleguillos, E Lissi, C López-Alarcón
The ORAC methodology using pyrogallol red as probe has been employed to estimate the antioxidant capacity and simultaneously, the concentration of ascorbic acid in human blood plasma and human urine....Read More
Fabrice Bailly, Clémence Queffélec, Gladys Mbemba, Jean-Fran?ois Mouscadet, Nicole Pommery, Jean Pommery, Jean-Pierre Hénichart, Philippe Cotelle
A series of thirteen 4,5-diaryl-3-hydroxy-2(5H)-furanones were synthesized. They were evaluated for their antioxidant potencies and inhibitory properties of 5-lipoxygenase, cyclooxygenases, HIV-1 inte...Read More
Zhimei Z Zhong, Ronge R Xing, Song S Liu, Lin L Wang, Shengbao S Cai, Pengcheng P Li
Chitosan (CS) with two different molecular weights was modified by reacting with 4-hydroxyl-5-chloride-1,3-benzene-disulfo-chloride or 2-hydroxyl-5-chloride-1,3-benzene-disulfo-chloride to give new 2-...Read More
Axel A Teichert, Jürgen J Schmidt, Andrea A Porzel, Norbert N Arnold, Ludger L Wessjohann
Chemical analysis of the fruiting bodies of the agaricoid fungus Cortinarius subtortus yielded three new natural products, two quinoline and one isocarbostyryl alkaloid. The structures of compounds 1-...Read More
Yalin Wu, Denong Wang
The structure of an antiradical arabinoglucogalactan ( 1) from Panax notoginseng roots was determined. This polymeric carbohydrate was obtained through successive phosphate buffer (pH 7.0) extraction ...Read More
Li L Chen, Yuchun Y Fang, Tianjiao T Zhu, Qianqun Q Gu, Weiming W Zhu
Nine new gentisyl alcohol derivatives, namely, the trimeric terrestrol A (8), dimeric terrestrols B-H (1-7), and a monomeric derivative (12), together with four known analogues (9-11, 13) were isolate...Read More
Yan Chen, Xiaoyi Wei, Haihui Xie, Hongzhu Deng
Two 2-phenylbenzofurans, lespedezavirgatol (1) and lespedezavirgatal (2), and a coumestan, lespedezacoumestan (3), were isolated from the aerial parts of Lespedeza virgata, together with nine known fl...Read More
Lei Xiang Yang, Ke Xin Huang, Hai Bo Li, Jing Xu Gong, Feng Wang, Yu Bing Feng, Qiao Feng Tao, Yi Hang Wu, Xiao Kun Li, Xiu Mei Wu, Su Zeng, Shawn Spencer, Yu Zhao, Jia Qu
A series of C7-O- and C20-O-amidated 2,3-dehydrosilybin (DHS) derivatives ((+/-)-1a-f and (+/-)-2), as well as a set of alkenylated DHS analogues ((+/-)-4a-f), were designed and de novo synthesized. A...Read More
Ho-Il Choi, Heung-Jae Kim, Jong-Il Park, Eun-Ho Shin, Dong-Won Kim, Soung-Soo Kim
Collagen is critical for skin strength and elasticity, and its degradation leads to wrinkles that accompany aging. Based emphasis on the aesthetics, we tried to make a new compound that can highly sti...Read More
Feng F Shi, Chunmei C Li, Ming M Xia, Kangjie K Miao, Yanxia Y Zhao, Shujiang S Tu, Weifa W Zheng, Ge G Zhang, Ning N Ma
The green chemoselective synthesis of thiazolo[3,2-a]pyridine derivatives was achieved in water via microwave-assisted three-component reactions of malononitrile, aromatic aldehydes and 2-mercaptoacet...Read More
Rohan A Davis, Gregory A Fechner, Melissa Sykes, Agatha Garavelas, David M Pass, Anthony R Carroll, Rama Addepalli, Vicky M Avery, John NA Hooper, Ronald J Quinn
Bioassay-guided fractionation of the organic extract from the marine sponge Acanthella costata resulted in the isolation of the known natural product, (-)-dibromophakellin (1). Using a fluorescence im...Read More
Jingxu Gong, Kexin Huang, Feng Wang, Leixiang Yang, Yubing Feng, Haibo Li, Xiaokun Li, Su Zeng, Xiumei Wu, Joachim St?ckigt, Yu Zhao, Jia Qu
An unusual class of 5,6,7-trioxygenated dihydroflavonols (3a-e and 4a-j) were designed and prepared. Their antioxidative properties were assessed by examining their capacities in several in vitro mode...Read More
Thoraya A TA Farghaly, Mohamed M MM Abdalla
2-Dimethylaminomethylene-1-benzosuberone 1 was coupled with diazotized aniline derivatives to afford a series of the hitherto unreported 2-arylazo-1-benzosuberones 3a-i. The tautomeric structure and t...Read More
P Manojkumar, T K Ravi, S Gopalakrishnan
A series of novel 1-(4-methylcoumarinyl-7-oxyacetyl)-3,5-dimethyl-4(arylazo)pyrazoles and 1-(4-methylcoumarinyl-7-oxyacetyl)-3-methyl-4-(substituted phenyl) hydrazono-2-pyrazolin-5-ones were synthesis...Read More
A B A AB El-Gazzar, M M MM Youssef, A M S AM Youssef, A A AA Abu-Hashem, F A FA Badria
The 5,10-dihydro-2-thioxo-pyrimido[4,5-b]quinolines (2a-c) and its oxidized form 3 were prepared and used as key intermediates for the synthesis of thiazolo[3',2':1,2]pyrimido[4,5-b]-quinoli...Read More
Abd El-Galil E Ael-G Amr, Korany A KA Ali, Mohamed M MM Abdalla
The terpenoidal oxaliplatin derivatives (6) and (12) were newly synthesized using 2@b,3@a-dihydroxy-11-oxo-18@b-olean-12-ene-30-oic acid (1) and 2@a,2@b-dihydroxy-18@b-ursan-12-ene-28-oic acid (7) as ...Read More
Wenliang Wang, Yi Wang, Hongwen Tao, Xiaoping Peng, Peipei Liu, Weiming Zhu
In order to search for structurally novel and bioactive natural compounds from marine-derived fungi, a halotolerant fungal strain (THW-18) identified as Alternaria raphani was isolated from sediment c...Read More
Balaram Ghosh, Tamara Antonio, Juan Zhen, Prashant Kharkar, Maarten E A Reith, Aloke K Dutta
Here we report structure-activity relationship study of a novel hybrid series of compounds where structural alteration of aromatic hydrophobic moieties connected to the piperazine ring and bioisosteri...Read More
Subhash S Padhye, Aamir A Ahmad, Nikhil N Oswal, Prasad P Dandawate, Rukhsana A RA Rub, Jyoti J Deshpande, K Venkateswara KV Swamy, Fazlul H FH Sarkar
Chalcones are involved in the synthesis of flavonoids and are themselves known to exhibit multiple pharmacological properties. However, compared to other structurally similar phytochemicals like garci...Read More
Clementina MM Santos, Marisa Freitas, Daniela Ribeiro, Ana Gomes, Artur MS Silva, José AS Cavaleiro, Eduarda Fernandes
Xanthones are a class of oxygen-containing heterocyclic compounds widely distributed in nature. The natural derivatives can present different substitutions in the xanthone core that include hydroxyl, ...Read More
Sayed M Riyadh, Thoraya A Farghaly, Magda A Abdallah, Mohamed M Abdalla, Mohamed R Abd El-Aziz
Three series of novel pyrazole derivatives 2b-d, 4a-d and 6a-d were synthesized via two step procedure that utilizes hydrazonoyl chlorides 1a-d and enaminones 3a-d and 5a-d, respectively as starting m...Read More
Nilgün Karali, Ozlen Güzel, Nurten Ozsoy, Süheyla Ozbey, Aydin Salman
3H-Spiro[1,3-benzothiazole-2,3'-indol]-2'(1'H)-ones 3a-c and 4a-e were synthesized from treating the 5-substituted 1H-indole-2,3-diones with 2-aminothiophenol in ethanol. The structures...Read More
M Veera Narayana Reddy, A Bala krishna, C Suresh Reddy
Synthesis of 3,3'-(1,4-phenylene)-bis[2-alkoxycarbonyl-alkyl)-2-thio-benzoxaphos-phinines] (3a-j) were accomplished via two step process. It involves the prior preparation of monochloride interme...Read More
H Vijay Kumar, Nagaraja Naik
A series of 5H-dibenz[b,f]azepine containing different aminophenols and substituted aminophenols were synthesized. 3-chloro-1-(5H-dibenz[b,f]azepine-5yl)propan-1-one (2) was obtained by N-acylation of...Read More
V Koteswara Rao, A Janardhan Rao, S Subba Reddy, C Naga Raju, P Visweswara Rao, S K Ghosh
A series of novel phosphorylated derivatives of galanthamine 6-11 and 12-17 were synthesized in two step process with high yields. In the first step galanthamine 1 was reacted with bis (2-chloroethyl)...Read More
V Padmavathi, S Nagi Reddy, G Dinneswara Reddy, A Padmaja
A new class of oxadiazoles is prepared by treating aminosulfonylacetic acids with different carboxylic acid hydrazides. Interconversion of oxadiazoles to thiadiazoles is carried out with thiourea. The...Read More
Thoraya A Farghaly, Naglaa A Abdel Hafez, Eman A Ragab, Hanem M Awad, Mohamed M Abdalla
Reaction of benzosuberone 1 with dimethylformamide-dimethylacetal (DMF-DMA) gives 2-dimethylamino-methylenebenozosuberone 2 which in turn reacts with heterocyclic amines to furnish new heterocyclic ri...Read More
Tzung-Han Chou, Hsiou-Yu Ding, Rong-Jyh Lin, Jing-Yao Liang, Chia-Hua Liang
Antioxidant and antimelanogenesis activities of protocatechuic acid (1) from Origanum vulgare (oregano) were investigated. The antioxidative capacity of 1 was confirmed from its free-radical-scavengin...Read More
Yeong Jae YJ Yoo, Dong Hyuk DH Nam, Seo Yun SY Jung, Jae Wan JW Jang, Hyoung Ja HJ Kim, Changbae C Jin, Ae Nim AN Pae, Yong Sup YS Lee
The excessive calpain activation causes serious cellular damage or even cell death in neurological disorders such as stroke and Alzheimer's disease. Oxidative stress has also been implicated in t...Read More
Ebraheem E Abdu Musad, Riyaz R Mohamed, Bahjat Ali BA Saeed, Bannikuppe S BS Vishwanath, K M Lokanatha KM Rai
Two series of five membered heterocyclic bis(1,3,4-oxadiazole) derivatives 2(a-h) and 3,5-bis(substituted)pyrazoles, isoxazoles 3(a,b,d-i), 4(a-c) were synthesized via oxidative cyclization of some di...Read More
Ashok Kumar, Pratibha Sharma, Prerna Kumari, Bhagwan Lal Kalal
A series of 2-(chloromethyl)-3-(4-methyl-6-oxo-5-[(E)-phenyldiazenyl]-2-thioxo-5,6-dihydropyrimidine-1(2H)-yl)quinazoline-4(3H)-ones 9a-j was synthesized by treating 2-(chloroacetyl)amino benzoic acid...Read More
Koneni V KV Sashidhara, Manoj M Kumar, Ram K RK Modukuri, Anuj A Srivastava, Anju A Puri
The synthesis of a series of benzocoumarin keto-enamine schiff bases is reported. The novel compounds were evaluated for their antihyperlipidemic activity in the hyperlipidemic hamster model. The comp...Read More
Kiran Sapkota, Eunmiri Roh, Eunyoung Lee, Eun-Mi Ha, Jae-Ho Yang, Eung-Seok Lee, Youngjoo Kwon, Youngsoo Kim, Younghwa Na
In order to develop potent skin whitening agents, we have synthesized 17 hydroxyphenyl benzyl ether compounds and tested their melanin synthesis inhibitory activity, DPPH free radical scavenging activ...Read More
Mi Kyoung Kim, Wooseong Jeong, Jihoon Kang, Youhoon Chong
For a compound to be a radical-trapping antioxidant, the antioxidant-derived radical must be sufficiently inert to molecular oxygen as this would generate harmful chain-propagating peroxyl radicals. C...Read More
SA Manohara Reddy, Jayesh Mudgal, Punit Bansal, SG Vasanthraju, KK Srinivasan, C Mallikarjuna Rao, N Gopalan Kutty
A series of 19 heterocyclic homoprostanoids were synthesized from easily available oleic and ricinoleic acids and evaluated for their possible antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-hyperlipidaemic a...Read More
Javed Sheikh, Ali Parvez, Harjeet Juneja, Vishwas Ingle, Zahid Chohan, Moulay Youssoufi, Taibi Ben Hadda
This research communication is toward the investigation of the antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant activities of the synthesized compounds 1-(4'-O-@b-d-glucopyranosyloxy-2'-hydroxyphen...Read More
Sang Hoon Kim, Young Hoon Lee, Seo Yun Jung, Hyoung Ja Kim, Changbae Jin, Yong Sup Lee
The overactivation of @m-calpain can cause serious cell damage in several diseases. Furthermore, cell death in a number of neurodegenerative disorders is linked to the overproduction of reactive oxyge...Read More
A Balakrishna, M Veera Narayana Reddy, P Visweswara Rao, M Anil Kumar, B Siva Kumar, SK Nayak, C Suresh Reddy
A new series of tetraphenyl bisphosphonates have been elegantly synthesized by one-pot method and were characterized by elemental analysis, FTIR, ^1H, ^1^3C, ^3^1P NMR, mass spectra and evaluated for ...Read More
A A Padmaja, C C Rajasekhar, A A Muralikrishna, V V Padmavathi
A new class of oxazolyl/thiazolylsulfonylmethyl pyrazoles (10-13) and isoxazoles (14, 15) were prepared from the synthetically vulnerable intermediate E-styrylsulfonylacetic acid methyl ester (1) and ...Read More
T T Indumathi, V S VS Jamal Ahamed, Surk-Sik SS Moon, Frank R FR Fronczek, K J KJ Rajendra Prasad
The newly synthesized pyrido[2,3-a]carbazoles were prepared in good yields by multicomponent reactions under L-proline as promoter and structurally characterized. Few compounds showed significant acti...Read More
Feng F Shi, Xiao-Ning XN Zeng, Xu-Dong XD Cao, Shu S Zhang, Bo B Jiang, Wei-Fa WF Zheng, Shu-Jiang SJ Tu
This study has achieved the design and diversity-oriented synthesis of novel 1,4-thiazepine derivatives embedded with carbazole, pyrazole or isoxazole motif via microwave-assisted multicomponent react...Read More
Polyethylene wear debris induces progressive osteolysis by increasing bone degradation and suppressing bone formation. Polyethylene particles inhibit the function of mature osteoblasts, but whether po...Read More
Ningling N Wang, Ping P Zhang, Xuejiang X Guo, Zuomin Z Zhou, Jiahao J Sha
The formation of ovarian follicles and subsequent development after birth are critical processes for female reproduction, and inappropriate coordination of these processes contributes to ovarian patho...Read More
Laurel S LS Rodgers, Daniel C DC Schnurr, Derrick D Broka, Todd D TD Camenisch
In vitro cultures of cardiomyocytes have proven to be a useful tool for toxicological, pharmacological, and developmental studies, as well as for the study of the cellular and molecular mechanisms res...Read More
Chengyang Huang, Yang Xiang, Yanru Wang, Xia Li, Longyong Xu, Ziqi Zhu, Ting Zhang, Qingqing Zhu, Kejing Zhang, Naihe Jing, Charlie Degui Chen
Dimethylations of histone H3 lysine 9 and lysine 27 are important epigenetic marks associated with transcription repression. Here, we identified KIAA1718 (KDM7A) as a novel histone demethylase specifi...Read More
Ziqi Zhu, Yanru Wang, Xia Li, Yiqin Wang, Longyong Xu, Xiang Wang, Tianliang Sun, Xiaobin Dong, Lulu Chen, Hailei Mao, Yi Yu, Jinsong Li, Jingsong Li, Pin Adele Chen, Charlie Degui Chen
Dimethylation of histone H3 lysine 9 (H3K9me2) is an important epigenetic mark associated with transcription repression. Here, we identified PHF8, a JmjC-domain-containing protein, as a histone demeth...Read More
Hanqing H Lin, Yiqin Y Wang, Yanru Y Wang, Feng F Tian, Pu P Pu, Yi Y Yu, Hailei H Mao, Ying Y Yang, Ping P Wang, Lulu L Hu, Yan Y Lin, Yi Y Liu, Yanhui Y Xu, Charlie Degui CD Chen
H3K9me2 and H3K27me2 are important epigenetic marks associated with transcription repression, while H3K4me3 is associated with transcription activation. It has been shown that active and repressive hi...Read More
Tiago L TL Duarte, Joseph J Lunec
Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) is regarded as the most important water-soluble antioxidant in human plasma and mammalian cells which have mechanisms to recycle and accumulate it against a concentration ...Read More