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产品编号 A104524 | CAS号 137-66-6 | 阿拉丁
L-Ascorbic acid 6-palmitate
货号 规格 库存 价格 数量
A104524-100g 99% 上海(>10)
A104524-250g 99% 上海(预计3-7周)
A104524-25g 99% 上海(>10)
A104524-500g 99% 上海(4)


敏感性 对光敏感
旋光率 22.5 ° (C=1, EtOH)
密度 1.1500
熔点 114°C


产品介绍 略有柑橘气味极易溶于水和植物油,易熔于乙醇。
别名 维生素C棕榈酸酯;抗坏血酸-6-棕榈酸酯;抗坏血酸棕榈酸酯;Vc-棕榈酸酯;6-O-Palmitoyl-L-ascorbic acid; L-Ascorbyl palmitate; Ascorbic acid 6-palmitate; L-Ascorbyl 6-Palmitate;
生化机理 L-Ascorbyl palmitate (Asc-6P) is used along with other fatty acid ascorbates such as L-ascorbyl oleate and L-ascorbyl linoleate to protect cells and membranes from oxidative damage. Fatty acid ascorbate molecules have increased solubility in non-polar (lipophilic) environments.
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WGK德国 1
Stephan S Braun, Alexander A Botzki, Sunnhild S Salmen, Christian C Textor, Günther G Bernhardt, Stefan S Dove, Armin A Buschauer
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A A Carmichael
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Feng-Jen FJ Tsai, Yuan-Dai YD Wang, Cheng-Chi CC Chen, Chen C Hsieh, Zhi-Jiao ZJ Cheng, Yu-Jen YJ Wu
We present an in vivo test platform to evaluate the antioxidative capability of seven frequently used dermocosmetic antioxidants on the human stratum corneum (SC). It has been reported that the protei...Read More
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Yali Y Yuan, Haijuan H Li, Shuang S Han, Lianzhe L Hu, Saima S Parveen, Guobao G Xu
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Luciano L Benedini, Maria Laura ML Fanani, Bruno B Maggio, Natalia N Wilke, Paula P Messina, Santiago S Palma, Pablo P Schulz
Ascorbyl palmitate (ASC(16)) is a molecule of potential pharmacological interest due to its antioxidant properties and amphiphilic nature. The surface behavior of ASC(16) was studied using Langmuir mo...Read More
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This work is focused on the optimization of reaction parameters for the synthesis of ascorbyl palmitate catalyzed by Candida antarctica lipase in different organic solvents under ultrasound irradiatio...Read More
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P O Nnamani, A A Attama, E C Ibezim, M U Adikwu
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The encapsulation of ascorbyl palmitate (AP) in chitosan particles was carried out by droplet formation via an oil-in-water emulsion, followed by droplet solidification via ionic gelation using sodium...Read More
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Although conjugated oils are paid much attentions to their interesting physiological properties such as anticancer, anti-arteriosclerosis, anti-hypertension activities, loss in body fat etc, there is ...Read More
Kyung Mi Lee, Jung Yeon Kwon, Ki Won Lee, Hyong Joo Lee
Although the health benefits of dietary antioxidants have been extensively studied, their potential negative effects remain unclear. L-Ascorbic acid 6-palmitate (AAP), a synthetic derivative of ascorb...Read More
J H JH Han, H-M HM Hwang, S S Min, J M JM Krochta
Physical properties of whey protein isolate (WPI) coating solution incorporating ascorbic palmitate (AP) and alpha-tocopherol (tocopherol) were characterized, and the antioxidant activity of dried WPI...Read More
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The aim of this study was to produce ascorbyl palmitate (AP)-loaded nanoparticles in order to inhibit polyphenol oxidase (PPO) in bananas. AP-loaded chitosan nanoparticles were prepared using acetic a...Read More
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Ascorbyl palmitate (Asc16) in polyethyleneglycol 400 (PEG 400)-water mixtures at weight fractions (w/w) between 0.05 and 1.0 were studied by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and polarizing micr...Read More
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The effect of supplementation of ascorbic acid through enriched zooplankton [10%, 20% and 30% ascorbyl palmitate (AP) inclusion in diet of zooplankton] on different digestive enzyme activities during ...Read More
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Previously, we identified ascorbic acid 6-O-hexadecanoate as an up to 1500 times more potent inhibitor of bacterial and bovine hyaluronidases than the parent compound, vitamin C, and determined a crys...Read More
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Countercurrent chromatographic (CCC) separation of lipophilic ascorbic acid derivatives and the crude extract from Kadsura Coccinea was performed using the type-J multilayer coil planet centrifuge wit...Read More
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l-Ascorbyl 2,6-dipalmitate (ASC-DP), a fatty ester derivative of ascorbic acid, is poorly soluble in water and does not spontaneously form micelles or liposomal structures in water. In this study, we ...Read More