产品编号 A106066 | CAS号 83-07-8 | Aladdin
货号 规格 库存 价格 数量
A106066-100g 98% 上海(预计3-7周)
A106066-25g 98% 上海(>10)
A106066-500g 98% 上海(5)


敏感性 对光、湿度和空气敏感
密度 0.8000
熔点 109°C
溶解性 Soluble in water (50 mg/ml).
存贮条件 密封阴凉保存。


产品介绍 4-Aminoantipyrine is a reagent for glucose determination in the presence of peroxidase and phenol.
别名 4-氨基安替比林; 4-氨基非那宗; 4-氨基-1,5-二甲基-2-苯基-3-吡唑啉酮; 1,5二甲基-2-苯基-4-氨基-3-吡唑啉酮; 氨基安替比林;4-AA;4-AA; 4-Aminophenazone; 4-Amino-2,3-dimethyl-1-phenyl-3-pyrazolin-5-one
应用 A reagent for glucose determination in the presence of peroxidase and phenol
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标识符号 GHS07 GHS07
信号词 Warning
风险声明 (欧洲) R22;R36/37/38
安全声明(欧洲) S26;S36/37/39
警示性声明 P261,P305+P351+P338
危害码(欧洲) Xn
危害声明 H302,H315,H319,H335
个人防护设备 dust mask type N95 (US),Eyeshields,Gloves
RTECS CD2480000
WGK德国 3
Alejandro Gugliucci, Russell Caccavello, Kazuhiko Kotani, Naoki Sakane, Satoshi Kimura
We developed a practical method for analysis of PON-1 enzymatic activity in HDL subclasses.The assay uses 4-12% polyacrylamide gradient gels, phenylacetate as substrate coupled with densitometric phen...Read More
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Dipyrone is a common antipyretic drug and the most popular non-opioid analgesic in many countries. In spite of its long and widespread use, molecular details of its fate in the body are not fully know...Read More
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Different bleaching regimens are used in dentistry possibly penetrating the dentine and affecting the pulp. The aim of the present study was to investigate peroxide diffusion through dentine pre-treat...Read More
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In order to evaluate the pharmacokinetics of metamizol in the presence of morphine in arthritic rats, after subcutaneous administration of the drugs, an easy, rapid, sensitive and selective analytical...Read More
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The pyrazolone derivatives antipyrine and 4-(N,N-dimethyl)-aminoantipyrine (aminopyrine) have long been used as analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs. However, in spite of its recognized ...Read More
B B BB Bauminger
A sensitive micro method for the manual estimation of true glucose in 10 mul plasma by an enzymatic technique is described. Protein precipitation is avoided. The method is simple to perform, accurate ...Read More
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Although the pyrazolone derivative sulpyrine is widely used as an antipyretic analgesic drug, side effects, including fatal shock, have been reported. However, the molecular mechanism underlying such ...Read More
Yi Li, Yuanyuan Liu, Haowei Wang, Xiaohui Xiong, Ping Wei, Fangshi Li
Three compounds derived from 4-aminoantipyrine (AA) were synthesized and their structures confirmed by melting point, elemental analysis, FT-IR, and 1H-NMR. The molecular structures of the four compou...Read More
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A novel series of copper(II) and palladium(II) with 4-derivatives benzaldehyde pyrazolone (L(n)) were synthesized. The mixed ligand complexes were prepared by using 1,10-phenanthroline (Phen) as secon...Read More
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A novel series of platinum(II) and palladium(II) complexes have been synthesized by template condensation of 4-methoxybenzaldehyde, benzaldehyde, 4-chlorobenzaldehyde and 4-nitrobenzaldehyde, with app...Read More
Isela Lavilla, Sandra Gil, Marta Costas, Carlos Bendicho
In this work, a new method based on the combination of dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (DLLME) with microvolume spectrophotometry has been developed as a greener and miniaturized alternative ...Read More
E S ES Mamaeva, A V AV Baron, A P AP Puzyr, A E AE Burov, V S VS Bondar
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
Yue Y Teng, Rutao R Liu, Chao C Li, Hao H Zhang
The effects of 4-aminoantipyrine (AAP) on oxidative stress induced by glutathione (GSH) depletion in single human erythrocytes were investigated using microfluidic technique and fluorescence imaging. ...Read More
Amit Kumar AK Sharma, Sulekh S Chandra
Complexes of the type [M(L)X(2)], where M = Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II), have been synthesized with novel NO-donor Schiff's base ligand, 1,4-diformylpiperazine bis(4-imino-2,3-dimethyl-1-phenyl-3-p...Read More
In this work, the immobilization of 4-aminoantipyrine onto bentonite was carried out and it was then used to investigate the adsorption behavior of Cr(III), Hg(II) and Pb(II) ions from aqueous solutio...Read More
Amjad H AH El-Sheikh, Rasha W RW Al-Quse, Musa I MI El-Barghouthi, Fida'a S FS Al-Masri
Molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) may not selectively recognize small template of limited number of functional groups, such as 2-chlorophenol (2-CP). In this work, a novel method was proposed to imp...Read More
Yanmei Zhou, Junli Zhang, Hua Zhou, Xiaoyi Hu, Lin Zhang, Min Zhang
A novel and simple Schiff base based on 2-pyridine formaldehyde and 4-aminoantipyrine was synthesized and characterized as a fluorescent probe. In the presence of Al(3+), the fluorescent intensity has...Read More
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Few transition metal complexes of tetradentate N(2)O(2) donor Schiff base ligands containing 2-hydroxybenzylidene-4-aminoantipyrine and amino acids (alanine/valine) abbreviated to KHL(1)/KHL(2) have b...Read More
Mohammad Sayed MS Alam, Jung-Hyun JH Choi, Dong-Ung DU Lee
4-Aminoantipyrine (4-amino-1,5-dimethyl-2-phenylpyrazole-3-one) and its analogues have been found to be compounds of interest for their anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiviral, antipyretic, antirheuma...Read More
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The precise alignment of DNA molecules by Watson-Crick base-pairing combined with its polymeric characteristics have allowed DNA to be used as a template or scaffold for assembling materials. In this ...Read More
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To establish a flow injection analysis for hygienic examination of volatile phenol compounds in the air of residential area....Read More
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Few novel 4-aminoantipyrine derived Schiff bases and their metal complexes were synthesized and characterized. Their structural features and other properties were deduced from the elemental analysis, ...Read More
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4-Aminoantipyrine (AAP) is scarcely administered as an analgesic drug because of the potential side effects. The residue of AAP in the environment possesses a potential threat to human health. In this...Read More
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This study aims at determining the prevalence of neonatal hypoglycemia and its underlying causes. In this prospective study 14168 newborns delivered in Tabriz Alzahra Hospital during 2 years were eval...Read More
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4-Aminoantipyrine (AAP) is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, in biochemical experiments and in environmental monitoring. AAP as an aromatic pollutant in the environment poses a great threat ...Read More