产品编号 A107148 | CAS号 919-30-2 | 阿拉丁
货号 规格 库存 价格 数量
A107148-100ml 98% 上海(>10)
A107148-2.5L 98% 上海(2)
A107148-25ml 98% 上海(>10)
A107148-500ml 98% 上海(>10)


敏感性 对空气敏感,对光敏感
折光率 1.42-1.422
密度 0.9500
熔点 -70°C
沸点 217°C
溶解性 Soluble in water (reacts), and chloroform.
存贮条件 严格密封,避光保存。


产品介绍 (3-Aminopropyl)triethoxysilane is an adhesion promoter and adsorbent for affinity chromatography. Used in a preparation of a series of tenary composite films of polyimide/SiO/polydiphenylsiloxane with good optical transparency.
别名 3-氨基丙基三乙氧基硅烷;三乙氧基-3-氨基丙基硅烷;3-三乙氧基甲硅烷基-1-丙胺;(3-氨基丙基)三乙氧基硅烷;APTS;APTES;Triethoxy-3-aminopropylsilane; 3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane; APTS; APTES
应用 An adhesion promoter and adsorbent for affinity chromatography.
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标识符号 GHS05 GHS05, GHS07 GHS07
信号词 Danger
风险声明 (欧洲) R22;R34
安全声明(欧洲) S26;S36/37/39;S45
警示性声明 P280,P305+P351+P338,P310
危害码(欧洲) C
危害声明 H302,H314
个人防护设备 Faceshields,full-face respirator (US),Gloves,Goggles,multi-purpose combination respirator cartridge (US),type ABEK (EN14387) respirator filter
RTECS TX2100000
WGK德国 1
闪点(摄氏) 96 °C
UN代码 2735
Sujeet K Mishra, Devendra Kumar, Ashok M Biradar, Ashok M Biradar
3-Mercaptopropionic acid (MPA) capped ZnS nanocrystals (ZnS(MPA)) are covalently attached to a self assembled monolayer (SAM) of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) on an indium-tin-oxide (ITO) coate...Read More
S R Simon Ting, John M Whitelock, Romana Tomic, Cindy Gunawan, Wey Yang Teoh, Rose Amal, Megan S Lord
Cerium oxide nanoparticles (nanoceria) are effective in scavenging intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS). In this study nanoceria synthesized by flame spray pyrolysis (dXRD = 12 nm) were functio...Read More
Zunfang Hu, Longqian Xu, Xianghua Wen
Immobilization of enzymes on mesoporous silicas (MS) allows for good reusability. MS with two-dimensional hexagonal pores in diameter up to 14.13 nm were synthesized using Pluronic P123 as template an...Read More
Séverine S Hamann, Daniel F DF Schorderet, Sandra S Cottet
Pathogenesis in the Rpe65(-/-) mouse model of Leber's congenital amaurosis (LCA) is characterized by a slow and progressive degeneration of the rod photoreceptors. On the opposite, cones degenera...Read More
H H HH Weetall
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
Isabelle I Bonnet, Andreas A Biebricher, Pierre-Louis PL Porté, Claude C Loverdo, Olivier O Bénichou, Rapha?l R Voituriez, Christophe C Escudé, Wolfgang W Wende, Alfred A Pingoud, Pierre P Desbiolles
The restriction endonuclease EcoRV can rapidly locate a short recognition site within long non-cognate DNA using 'facilitated diffusion'. This process has long been attributed to a sliding m...Read More
J Li, E K O Ng, Y P Ng, C Y P Wong, J Yu, H Jin, V Y Y Cheng, M Y Y Go, P K F Cheung, M P A Ebert, J Tong, K F To, F K L Chan, J J Y Sung, N Y Ip, W K Leung
Retinoic acid-regulated nuclear matrix-associated protein (RAMP) is a WD40 repeat-containing protein that is involved in various biological functions, but little is known about its role in human cance...Read More
Rebecca A Shircliff, Paul Stradins, Helio Moutinho, John Fennell, Maria L Ghirardi, Scott W Cowley, Howard M Branz, Ina T Martin
We measure silane density and Sulfo-EMCS cross-linker coupling efficiency on aminosilane films by high-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) measurements....Read More
Jian Hua Chen, Hai Tao Xing, Hong Xu Guo, Guo Ping Li, Wen Weng, Shi Rong Hu
In this study, we prepared 3-aminopropyl-triethoxysilane (APTEOS) functionalized sodium alginate (SA) porous membrane adsorbent (APTEOS/SA) and tested its adsorption performance for removing of Cr(III...Read More
Vladimir Gubala, Jonathan Siegrist, Ruairi Monaghan, Brian O'Reilly, Ram Prasad Gandhiraman, Stephen Daniels, David E Williams, Jens Ducrée
Herein a simple analytical method is presented for the characterization of biomolecule adsorption on cyclo olefin polymer (COP, trade name: Zeonor(?)) substrates which are widely used in microfluidic ...Read More
Thanina Hassani, Sidy Ba, Hubert Cabana
Laccase and laccase-based cross-linked enzyme aggregates (CLEAs) were stabilized through the formation of a surrounding polymeric network made of chitosan and 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane. The thermor...Read More
Erhan Zor, Imren Hatay Patir, Haluk Bingol, Mustafa Ersoz
A new electrochemical biosensor based on the human serum albumin/graphene oxide/3-aminopropyl-triethoxysilane modified indium tin oxide electrode (ITO/APTES/GO/HSA) has been developed for the discrimi...Read More
Alireza Ebrahiminezhad, Younes Ghasemi, Sara Rasoul-Amini, Jaleh Barar, Soodabeh Davaran
Nanotechnology has opened new gates to pharmaceutical sciences and medicine from the aspect of drug delivery and imaging systems. Currently, bimodal fluorescent-magnetic nanoparticles are of great int...Read More
Lijian L Xu, Jingjing J Du, Yan Y Deng, Nongyue N He
Fabrication of three different electrodes based on functional porous pseudo-carbon paste electrodes (PPCPEs) was described. PPCPEs were modified with carboxylic multi-walled carbon nanotubes (PPCPE-CO...Read More
Dan Zheng, Sandeep Kumar Vashist, Khalid Al-Rubeaan, John H T Luong, Fwu-Shan Sheu
A mediatorless glucose biosensor was developed by the immobilization of glucose oxidase (GOx) to graphene-functionalized glassy carbon electrode (GCE). The surface of GCE was functionalized with graph...Read More
Peng Yuan, Peter D Southon, Zongwen Liu, Cameron J Kepert
The surfaces of naturally occurring halloysite nanotubes were functionalized with γ-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES), which was found to have a substantial effect on the loading and subsequent rele...Read More
Xiaolin X Yu, Chengyun C Ning, Jingping J Li, Shanshan S Huang, Yuanjun Y Guo, Feilong F Deng
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of the novel nanopore Ti surface and amine-terminated Ti surface on peri-implant bone formation and bone-implant bonding strength in a rabbit tibiae m...Read More
C Potrich, L Lunelli, L Pasquardini, D Sonn, D Vozzi, R Dallapiccola, L Marocchi, I Ferrante, O Rossotto, C Pederzolli
Modern Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) platforms for genomic applications integrate several biological tasks in a single device. Combination of these processes into a single device minimizes sample loss and conta...Read More
You-Lin Wu, Po-Yen Hsu, Chung-Ping Hsu, Jing-Jenn Lin
A mold-cast polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) confined window was integrated with a poly-silicon wire (PSW) ion sensor. The PSW sensor surface inside the confined window was coated with a 3-aminopropyltriet...Read More
Qiu-Ping QP Li, Bing B Yan
A series of ternary rare earth (Eu(3+), Tb(3+)) complexes are covalently coated to the 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) by a simple in situ sol-gel meth...Read More
ángela A áA Beltrán-Osuna, Bin B Cao, Gang G Cheng, Sadhan C SC Jana, Matthew P MP Espe, Bimala B Lama
In this work, a new antifouling silica hydrogel was developed for potential biomedical applications. A zwitterionic polymer, poly(carboxybetaine methacrylate) (pCBMA), was produced via atom-transfer r...Read More
Nikul G NG Patel, John P JP Cavicchia, Ge G Zhang, Bi-min BM Zhang Newby
The ability to harvest cell sheets grown on thermoresponsive polymers, such as poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (pNIPAAm), has been widely studied for use in tissue engineering applications. pNIPAAm is of ...Read More
Gianni G Ciofani, Giada Graziana GG Genchi, Ioannis I Liakos, Athanassia A Athanassiou, Dinuccio D Dinucci, Federica F Chiellini, Virgilio V Mattoli
A novel and simple method for the preparation of chemically functionalized boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) is presented. Thanks to a strong oxidation followed by the silanization of the surface throug...Read More
Sen S Xiang, Gaowa G Xing, Wei W Xue, Chao C Lu, Jin-Ming JM Lin
In this work, two different deposition methods of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) on glass slides were compared in order to study the adhesion effect of cervical exfoliated cells on smear slides....Read More
Sandeep Kumar SK Vashist
We developed a method to completely regenerate the gold (Au) surface of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES)-functionalized Au-coated surface plasmon resonance (SPR) chip that had been used for human ...Read More
Sergio S Sánchez-Mu?oz, Santiago S Gómez-Ruiz, Damián D Pérez-Quintanilla, Sonia S Morante-Zarcero, Isabel I Sierra, Sanjiv S Prashar, Reinhard R Paschke, Goran N GN Kalu?erovi?
Dehydrated MCM-41 (S1) was functionalized under nitrogen with 3-chloropropyltriethoxysilane (CPTS) and 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTS) by grafting in toluene at 80 °C over 48 h to give the corres...Read More
Séverine Lechevallier, Peter Hammer, José M A Caiut, Serge Mazeres, Robert Mauricot, Marc Verelst, Hervé Dexpert, Sidney J L Ribeiro, Jeannette Dexpert-Ghys
Europium-doped lanthanide oxide RE(2)O(3):Eu(3+) (RE = Y or Gd) luminescent beads, with a spherical shape and a diameter of 150 ± 15 nm, have been modified by reaction with 3-aminopropyltriethoxysila...Read More
Shige Wang, Shihui Wen, Mingwu Shen, Rui Guo, Xueyan Cao, Jianhua Wang, Xiangyang Shi
We report on aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTS)-mediated surface modification of nanohydroxyapatite with different surface functional groups for potential biomedical applications. In this study, nanohy...Read More
Hong H Yang, Kun K Zheng, Zuoming Z Zhang, Wei W Shi, Shubo S Jing, Li L Wang, Wei W Zheng, Dazhou D Zhao, Jianing J Xu, Ping P Zhang
Ordered MCM-41-type mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) with pore size of 2.6 nm were synthesized and were further modified with various amounts of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES), respectivel...Read More
Fei F Ge, Meng-Meng MM Li, Hui H Ye, Bao-Xiang BX Zhao
We prepared novel Fe(3)O(4) magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) modified with 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APS) and copolymers of acrylic acid (AA) and crotonic acid (CA). The MNPs were characterized by tr...Read More
Luca De Stefano, Giorgia Oliviero, Jussara Amato, Nicola Borbone, Gennaro Piccialli, Luciano Mayol, Ivo Rendina, Monica Terracciano, Ilaria Rea
Direct solid phase synthesis of peptides and oligonucleotides (ONs) requires high chemical stability of the support material. In this work, we have investigated the passivation ability of porous oxidi...Read More
Suresh Regonda, Ruhai Tian, Jinming Gao, Serena Greene, Jiahuan Ding, Walter Hu
Here we demonstrate the use of multiple Si nanochannel (NC) or nanograting (NG) instead of the conventional single nanochannel or nanowire design in biosensors. The NG devices can significantly reduce...Read More
Rahul P Bagwe, Lisa R Hilliard, Weihong Tan
In this article, a systematic study of the design and development of surface-modification schemes for silica nanoparticles is presented. The nanoparticle surface design involves an optimum balance of ...Read More
Dylan J Boday, Robert J Stover, Beatrice Muriithi, Michael W Keller, Jason T Wertz, Kimberly A Defriend Obrey, Douglas A Loy
Strong polymer-silica aerogel composites were prepared by chemical vapor deposition of cyanoacrylate monomers onto amine-modified aerogels. Amine-modified silica aerogels were prepared by copolymerizi...Read More