产品编号 A107202 | CAS号 61-82-5 | 阿拉丁
货号 规格 库存 价格 数量
A107202-100g 96% 上海(5)
A107202-2.5kg 96% 上海(1)
A107202-25g 96% 上海(>10)
A107202-500g 96% 上海(>10)


密度 1.1380
熔点 149-156°C
溶解性 Soluble in water (280 g/l) at 20 °C, methanol, ethanol, chloroform, and ethyl acetate (slightly). Insoluble in ether, and acetone.


产品介绍 3-Amino-1,2,4-triazole is a small molecule irreversible inhibitor of catalase, an enzyme responsible for converting cellular H2O2 into H2O and O2. Impeding the natural clearance of H2O2 from the cell by catalase has proven useful in studies investigating free radical-mediated damage of cardiac tissue in ischemia. 3-Amino-1,2,4-triazole also shows inhibition of imidazoleglycerol-phosphate dehydratase (HIS3) activity, which interrupts the biosynthesis of histidines. When 3-Amino-1,2,4-triazole is diazotized, the resulting 3-Diazo-1,2,4-triazole is shown to react specifically with tryptophan at acidic pH, presenting a method for determining the tryptophan content of proteins.
别名 3-氨基-1,2,4-三氮唑;3-氨基-1,2,4-三氮杂茂;氨基三唑;杀草强;Aminotriazole;Amitrol;3-Amino-1H-1,2,4-triazole
应用 An irreversible catalase inhibitor
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标识符号 GHS08 GHS08, GHS09 GHS09
信号词 Warning
风险声明 (欧洲) R63;R48/22;R51/53
安全声明(欧洲) S13;S36/37;S61
警示性声明 P273,P281
危害码(欧洲) Xn,N
危害声明 H361d,H373,H411
个人防护设备 Eyeshields,full-face particle respirator type N100 (US),Gloves,respirator cartridge type N100 (US),type P1 (EN143) respirator filter,type P3 (EN 143) respirator cartridges
RTECS XZ3850000
WGK德国 2
Merck Index 489
UN代码 3077
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Rayhanur R Jannat, Misugi M Uraji, Mohammad Anowar MA Hossain, Mohammad Muzahidul MM Islam, Yoshimasa Y Nakamura, Izumi C IC Mori, Yoshiyuki Y Murata
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Rayhanur R Jannat, Misugi M Uraji, Miho M Morofuji, Mohammad Anowar MA Hossain, Mohammad Muzahidul MM Islam, Yoshimasa Y Nakamura, Izumi C IC Mori, Yoshiyuki Y Murata
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Rayhanur Jannat, Misugi Uraji, Miho Morofuji, Mohammad Muzahidul Islam, Rachel E Bloom, Yoshimasa Nakamura, C Robertson McClung, Julian I Schroeder, Izumi C Mori, Yoshiyuki Murata
Reactive oxygen species (ROS), including hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)), are among the important second messengers in abscisic acid (ABA) signaling in guard cells. In this study, to investigate specific...Read More
Y M YM Issa, H B HB Hassib, H E HE Abdelaal, I M IM Kenawi
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