产品编号 A109365 | CAS号 68-95-1 | 阿拉丁
货号 规格 库存 价格 数量
A109365-100g 98% 上海(预计3-7周)
A109365-1g 98% 上海(>10)
A109365-25g 98% 上海(3)
A109365-5g 98% 上海(10)


密度 1.2740
熔点 115-117°C
存贮条件 储存温度2-8°C


别名 N-乙酰-L-脯氨酸;Ac-Pro-OH
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个人防护设备 Eyeshields,Gloves,type N95 (US),type P1 (EN143) respirator filter
WGK德国 3
Haiyan Xu, Thomas M Heinze, Siwei Chen, Carl E Cerniglia, Huizhong Chen
The rates of metabolism of Sudan I and II and Para Red by human intestinal microflora were high compared to those of Sudan III and IV under anaerobic conditions. Metabolites of the dyes were identifie...Read More
B Przybojewska
The alkaline single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE) or 'comet' assay under alkaline conditions was used to measure DNA damage in the liver cells of B6C3F1 male mice exposed to 2,4-dimethylan...Read More
B B Przybojewska
The alkaline single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE) or "comet" assay under alkaline conditions was used to measure DNA damage in the liver cells of B6C3F1 male mice exposed to 2,4-dimethylan...Read More
Robert J Strife, Michele L Mangels, Julie A Skare
The assessment of human exposure to specific isomers of dimethylanilines (DMA's) is of interest for the evaluation of potential exposure-health outcome relationships. Improved analytical methods ...Read More
Usha U John, K P R KP Nair
The near infrared vibrational overtone absorption spectrum of liquid phase 2,6-dimethylaniline and 2,4-dimethylaniline are reported in the region @Dv=2, 3 and 4. The aryl CH, methyl CH and NH local mo...Read More
Akito Takeuchi, Shinobu Yamamoto, Warren Hendricks, Yasuki Nishimura, Tsutoshi Imanaka, Yuichiro Kaifuku, Norihiro Sakui, Shuichiro Natsumeda, Hirokazu Ota, Shu Yamada, Ichiro Kurotani, Kimiaki Sumino, Seiichiro Kanno
The purpose of this research was to develop a determination method for xylidines (XLDs) in workplace air for risk assessment.The characteristics of the proposed method, such as recovery, detection lim...Read More
Iu L IuL Egorov, V A VA Galitskaia, S G SG Fedorova, M A MA Krapotkina
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
Ana M AM Amat, Antonio A Arques, Stefan H SH Bossmann, André M AM Braun, Sabine S G?b, Miguel A MA Miranda, Esther E Oliveros
The possibility of using zeolites containing the 2,4,6-triphenylpyrylium cation as photocatalysts for the degradation of pollutants has been tested on aqueous xylidine (2,4-dimethylaniline) solutions ...Read More
C C Gopinath, D E DE Prentice, A E AE Street, D D Crook
The usefulness of measuring serum bile acid concentrations by RIA in a number of acute experimental liver injuries of rats was assessed by comparing the concentrations with the results of some of the ...Read More
T T Nohmi, R R Miyata, K K Yoshikawa, M M Nakadate, M M Ishidate
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
J J Krapcho, C C Turk, D W DW Cushman, J R JR Powell, J M JM DeForrest, E R ER Spitzmiller, D S DS Karanewsky, M M Duggan, G G Rovnyak, J J Schwartz
Analogues of captopril, enalaprilat, and the phosphinic acid [hydroxy(4-phenylbutyl)phosphinyl]acetyl]-L-proline incorporating 4-substituted proline derivatives have been synthesized and evaluated as ...Read More
R A Pfuetzner, W W Chan
We have investigated the interaction of ligands in the active site of the angiotensin-converting enzyme from rabbit lung by monitoring the concurrent effects of two inhibitors on enzyme activity. A st...Read More
Mayuko M Koreishi, Fumiaki F Asayama, Hiroyuki H Imanaka, Koreyoshi K Imamura, Megumi M Kadota, Takuo T Tsuno, Kazuhiro K Nakanishi
A novel aminoacylase was purified to homogeneity from culture broth of Streptomyces mobaraensis, as evidenced by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). The enzyme was a monomer with an approxi...Read More
Abil E AE Aliev, Denis D Courtier-Murias
The results of the ring conformational analysis of L-proline, N-acetyl-L-proline, and trans-4-hydroxy-L-proline by NMR combined with calculations using density functional theory (DFT) and molecular dy...Read More
J M JM Bailey, O O Tu, G G Issai, A A Ha, J E JE Shively
Proteins and peptides can be sequenced from the carboxy-terminus with isothiocyanate reagents to produce amino acid thiohydantoin derivatives. Previous studies in our laboratory have focused on automa...Read More
W L WL Mock, P C PC Green
The pH dependence of Ki for inhibition of prolidase by acetylproline, proline, and trans-1,2-cyclopentanedicarboxylate follows a different pattern in each case, although deprotonation of an enzymic fu...Read More
Jeanette F Kheir, Lidia Chomicz, Janusz Rak, Kit H Bowen, Michael D Sevilla
In this study, the reactions of electrons with N-acetylproline are investigated by electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy and density functional theory. Electrons are produced by γ irradiation or...Read More
Lidia Chomicz, Janusz Rak, Piotr Paneth, Michael Sevilla, Yeon Jae Ko, Haopeng Wang, Kit H Bowen
We report the photoelectron spectrum of anionic N-acetylproline, (N-AcPro)(-), measured with 3.49 eV photons. This spectrum, which consists of a band centered at an electron binding energy of 1.4 eV a...Read More
Bram B Boeckx, Riet R Ramaekers, Guido G Maes
A combined experimental matrix-isolation FT-IR and theoretical study has been performed to investigate the conformational behavior of N-acetylproline. The conformational landscape of N-acetylproline w...Read More
Abil E AE Aliev, Simrath S Bhandal, Denis D Courtier-Murias
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and quantum mechanical (QM) studies have been carried out for proline (Pro) containing peptides: N-acetyl-l-proline (AcProOH) and N-acetyl-4-hydroxy-l-proline (AcHypOH...Read More
Chiara C Cappelli, Benedetta B Mennucci
The structure and properties of (s)-N-acetylproline amide (NAP) in aqueous solution are studied by exploiting a continuum solvation model. The conformational preference of NAP as a function of the env...Read More
Kyung-Koo Lee, Seungsoo Hahn, Kwang-Im Oh, Jin Seok Choi, Cheonik Joo, Hochan Lee, Hogyu Han, Minhaeng Cho
A few experimental and theoretical studies on the molecular structure of N-acetylproline amide (AP) in D2O solution have been reported recently. However, there is no consensus of the precise structure...Read More
Jiyun J Liu, Zhongsheng Z Zhang, Xiaojian X Tan, Wim G J WG Hol, Christophe L M J CL Verlinde, Erkang E Fan
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
S N Tenjarla, R Kasina, P Puranajoti, M S Omar, W T Harris
A series of N-acetylproline esters (alkyl side chain length, 5-18) were synthesized and tested for potential skin penetration enhancement activity using modified Franz diffusion cells and hairless mou...Read More
Huan Yu, Yanfei Tao, Tao Le, Dongmei Chen, Awais Ishsan, Yu Liu, Yulian Wang, Zonghui Yuan
A new method has been developed for determination and confirmation of amitraz and its main metabolite, 2,4-dimethylaniline, in food animal tissues using gas chromatography-electron capture detector (G...Read More
Jin-Zhong Xu, Jian-Jun Miao, Hong Lin, Tao Ding, Zhen-Yun Zhao, Bin Wu, Chong-Yu Shen, Yuan Jiang
A method for the determination and confirmation of amitraz and its degradation product 2,4-dimethylaniline (2,4-DMA) in honey is reported. Determination of the two compounds was based on HPLC with UV ...Read More
Nilgun Tokman, Carla Soler, Marinel la Farré, Yolanda Picó, Damià Barceló
A method has been developed for identification and quantification of the acaricide amitraz and its transformation products, 2,4-dimethylaniline (DMA), 2,4-dimethylformamidine (DMF) and N-2,4-dimethylp...Read More
Ee Lui Ang, Jeffrey P Obbard, Huimin Zhao
The objective of this study was to enhance the activity of aniline dioxygenase (AtdA), a multi-component Rieske non-heme iron dioxygenase enzyme isolated from Acinetobacter sp. strain YAA, so as to cr...Read More
Ee L EL Ang, Jeffrey P JP Obbard, Huimin H Zhao
Aniline dioxygenase is a multicomponent Rieske nonheme-iron dioxygenase enzyme isolated from Acinetobacter sp. strain YAA. Saturation mutagenesis of the substrate-binding pocket residues, which were i...Read More
Juan F JF García-Reyes, Antonio A Molina-Díaz, Amadeo R AR Fernandez-Alba
The identification of transformation products of pesticides in foodstuffs is a crucial task difficult to tackle, due to the lack of standards and scarce information available. In this work, we describ...Read More
R D RD Brimecombe, R R Fogel, J L JL Limson
2,4-Dimethylaniline is a recalcitrant degradant of the pesticide amitraz and is also an industrial pollutant which is genotoxic, teratogenic and carcinogenic. The biological degradation of 2,4-dimethy...Read More
R D RD Brimecombe, J L JL Limson
The widespread use of the pesticide amitraz for pest control of crops, livestock and honeybees has warranted several studies aimed at understanding the degradation of this compound during storage and ...Read More
Stefan H Bossmann, Nabil Shahin, Hieu Le Thanh, Anna Bonfill, Michael W?rner, André M Braun
TiO2-codoped [FeII(bpy)3]2+/zeolite Y systems are revealed to be efficient photocatalysts for photochemically enhanced Fenton processes. Preparation, characterization, and tests using 2,4-xylidine as ...Read More
O Osano, A A Oladimeji, M H S Kraak, W Admiraal
Developmental effects of amitraz (acaricide), its metabolite (2,4-dimethylaniline), and paraquat (herbicide) on embryos of a nontarget organism, Xenopus laevis, were investigated. Following the standa...Read More
S S G?b, E E Oliveros, S H SH Bossmann, A M AM Braun, C A CA Nascimento, R R Guardani
Among advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), the photochemically enhanced Fenton reaction may be considered as one of the most efficient for the degradation of contaminants in industrial wastewater. Thi...Read More