产品编号 A109771 | CAS号 24304-00-5 | Aladdin
Aluminum nitride
99.9% metals basis,50nm
货号 规格 库存 价格 数量
A109771-100g 99.9% metals basis,50nm 上海(4)
A109771-25g 99.9% metals basis,50nm 上海(8)
A109771-500g 99.9% metals basis,50nm 上海(预计3-7周)


敏感性 对湿度敏感
密度 3.2600
熔点 >2200°C
存贮条件 充氩气储存


产品介绍 本产品纯度高、粒径小、分布均匀、比表面积大、高表面活性、松装密度低,良好的注射成形性能;用于复合材料,与半导体硅匹配性好、界面相容性好,可提高复合材料的机械性能和导热介电性能。
别名 纳米ALN;Aluminum mononitride
应用 导热性好,热膨胀系数小,是良好的耐热冲击材料。抗熔融金属腐蚀的能力强,是熔铸纯铁、铝和铝合金理想的坩埚材料。


1、 导热硅胶和导热环氧树脂
超高导热纳米复合硅胶具有良好的导热性, 良好的电绝缘性, 较宽的电绝缘性和使用温度(工作温度-60℃ --200℃), 较低的稠度和良好的施工性能。产品已达或超过进口产品, 因为可取代同类进口产品而广泛应用于电子器件的热传递介质,提高工作效率。如CPU与散热器填隙、大功率三极管、可控硅元件、二极管、与基材接触的细缝处的热传递介质。纳米导热膏是填充IC或三极管与散热片之间的空隙,增大它们之间的接触面积,达到更好的散热效果。
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标识符号 GHS05 GHS05, GHS07 GHS07
信号词 Danger
风险声明 (欧洲) R36/37/38
安全声明(欧洲) S26;S37/39
警示性声明 P261,P280,P305+P351+P338,P310
危害码(欧洲) Xi
危害声明 H314,H335
个人防护设备 dust mask type N95 (US),Eyeshields,Gloves
WGK德国 3
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We present the direct measurement of the refractive index distribution (spectral dispersion) arising from an intersubband transition in GaN/AlN multi quantum wells structure. The measurement is carrie...Read More
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A phenomenological approach is developed to identify the physical parameters causing the dc-voltage-induced tunability of aluminum nitride (AlN) acoustic resonators, widely used for RF filters. The ty...Read More
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Bottom-up nanostructure assembly has been a central theme of materials synthesis over the past few decades. Semiconductor quantum dots and nanowires provide additional degrees of freedom for charge co...Read More
Xuebin Wang, Jinhui Song, Fan Zhang, Chengyu He, Zheng Hu, Zhonglin Wang
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
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Patterned growth of AlN nanocones on a Ni-coated Si substrate is demonstrated through the reaction between AlCl(3) and NH(3) at 700 degrees C with Mo grid as a mask. The AlN nanocones are selectively ...Read More
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AlN passivation layer-mediated improvement in tensile failure of ZnO:Al thin films on polyethersulfone substrates is investigated. ZnO:Al films without any passivation layer were brittle with a crack-...Read More
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Aluminum nitride (AlN)-on-insulator has emerged as a promising platform for the realization of linear and non-linear integrated photonic circuits. In order to efficiently route optical signals on-chip...Read More