产品编号 Q110294 | CAS号 93-10-7 | 阿拉丁
Quinoline-2-carboxylic Acid
货号 规格 库存 价格 数量
Q110294-100g 98% 上海(预计3-5个工作日)
Q110294-25g 98% 上海(4)
Q110294-5g 98% 上海(1)


熔点 155-157°C


产品介绍 溶于热水、乙醇、苯和碱溶液,略溶于水。
别名 喹哪啶酸 ;喹啉-2-甲酸,2-羧基喹啉;Quinaldic Acid 2-Quinolinecarboxylic Acid
应用 沉淀剂,用来检验铜,测定铜、铁、锌和铀等(能与这些金属生成不溶性盐)。
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标识符号 GHS07 GHS07
信号词 Warning
风险声明 (欧洲) R36/37/38
安全声明(欧洲) S26;S37/39
警示性声明 P261,P305+P351+P338
危害码(欧洲) Xi
危害声明 H315,H319,H335
个人防护设备 dust mask type N95 (US),Eyeshields,Faceshields,Gloves
RTECS UZ9100000
WGK德国 3
Merck Index 8046
Jennifer A Jacobsen, Jessica L Fullagar, Melissa T Miller, Seth M Cohen
Fragment-based lead design (FBLD) has been used to identify new metal-binding groups for metalloenzyme inhibitors. When screened at 1 mM, a chelator fragment library (CFL-1.1) of 96 compounds produced...Read More
Vladimir O Gelmboldt, Eduard V Ganin, Konstantin V Domasevitch
In bis(2-carboxypyridinium) hexafluorosilicate, 2C(6)H(6)NO(2)+.SiF6(2-), (I), and bis(2-carboxyquinolinium) hexafluorosilicate dihydrate, 2C(10)H(8)NO(2)+.SiF6(2-).2H2O, (II), the Si atoms of the ani...Read More
K C Nicolaou
Thiostrepton, a powerful antibiotic belonging to the thiopeptide class, was synthesized in the laboratory for the first time in 2004 through an arduous campaign involving novel strategies and tactics,...Read More
Lian L Duan, Shoufeng S Wang, Rijing R Liao, Wen W Liu
Thiostrepton (TSR), often referred as to a parent compound in the thiopeptide family, is a bimacrocyclic member that features a quinaldic acid (QA) moiety-containing side ring appended to the characte...Read More
Pavel P Bobal, Josef J Sujan, Jan J Otevrel, Ales A Imramovsky, Zdenka Z Padelkova, Josef J Jampilek
In this study a one step method for the preparation of substituted anilides of quinoline-2-carboxylic acid was developed. This efficient innovative approach is based on the direct reaction of an acid ...Read More
K C KC Nicolaou, Brian S BS Safina, Christian C Funke, Mark M Zak, Frédéric J FJ Zécri
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
Adamantia Maniatakou, Sevasti Karaliota, Mary Mavri, Catherine Raptopoulou, Aris Terzis, Alexandra Karaliota
Two new mononuclear peroxo complexes of tungsten of the formula (gu)"2[WO"2(O"2)"2] (1) and (gu)[WO(O"2)"2(quin-2-c)] (2a) (where gu^+=guanidinium ion, CN"3H"6^...Read More
Graham Smith, Urs D Wermuth, Jonathan M White
The structures of the 1:1 proton-transfer compounds of 4,5-dichlorophthalic acid with 8-hydroxyquinoline, 8-aminoquinoline and quinoline-2-carboxylic acid (quinaldic acid), namely anhydrous 8-hydroxyq...Read More
S Athimoolam, S Natarajan
In the title compounds, 4-carboxyanilinium (2R,3R)-tartrate, C(7)H(8)NO(2)+.C(4)H(5)O(6)-, (I), and 4-aminobenzoic acid, C(7)H(7)NO(2), (II), the carboxyl planes of the 4-carboxyanilinium cations/4-am...Read More
Fenhong F Song
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
M Sauter, B Tshisuaka, S Fetzner, F Lingens
Quinaldic acid 4-oxidoreductase from Pseudomonas sp. AK-2 catalyses the hydroxylation of quinoline 2-carboxylic (quinaldic acid) to 4-hydroxyquinoline 2-carboxylic acid (kynurenic acid) with concomita...Read More
B R Bochner, H C Huang, G L Schieven, B N Ames
A simple technique has been devised that allows direct plate selection of tetracycline-sensitive clones from a predominantly tetracycline-resistant population. The technique is especially useful in ge...Read More
S S Townes, C C Titone, R C RC Rosenberg
1-2H-Phthalazine hydrazone (hydralazine; HYD), 2-1H-pyridinone hydrazone (2-hydrazinopyridine; HP), 2-quinoline-carboxylic acid (QCA), 1-isoquinolinecarboxylic acid (IQCA), 2,2'-bi-1H-imidazole (...Read More
K C KC Nicolaou, Mark M Zak, Brian S BS Safina, Sang Hyup SH Lee, Anthony A AA Estrada
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
Alleyn T Plowright, Scott E Schaus, Andrew G Myers
Saframycin A (SafA) is a natural product that inhibits human cancer cell proliferation. Its synthetic analog, QAD, is a more potent inhibitor of these cells. SafA does not affect wild-type yeast, but ...Read More
N D Priestley, T M Smith, P R Shipley, H G Floss
Specifically 13C-labeled quinoline-2-carboxylate derivatives were synthesized from quinoline and used to study the biosynthesis of thiostrepton in a strain of Streptomyces laurentii. 13C NMR analysis ...Read More
B Bubeck, B Tshisuaka, S Fetzner, F Lingens
The N-heterocycles quinaldic acid (quinoline 2-carboxylic acid), kynurenic acid (4-hydroxyquinoline 2-carboxylic acid), 2-oxo-1,2-dihydroquinoline, and xanthine are utilized by Alcaligenes sp. F-2 as ...Read More
L V LV Ektova, I V IV Iartseva, E V EV Khorosheva, T P TP Ivanova, N P NP Iavorskaia, S Ia SIa Mel'nik
O-Quinaldoyl derivatives of thymidine, 2'-deoxyuridine, and 5-trimethylsilyl-2'-deoxyuridine were synthesized. 5'-Deoxy-5'-(quinoline-2-carbonylamino)- and 5'-deoxy-5'-[(...Read More
S S Fetzner, F F Lingens
Serratia marcecens 2CC-1 utilizes quinaldic acid (quinoline 2-carboxylic acid) as sole source of carbon, nitrogen and energy. Growth of strain 2CC-1 on quinaldic acid as well as on nicotinic acid and ...Read More
M M Matsushima, S S Takano, E E Ertürk, G T GT Bryan
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More
D R DR Schneider, C D CD Parker
Several conditions of growth of Bordetella pertussis cause a reversible phenotypic alteration in properties termed modulation. Growth in medium containing nicotinic acid induces normal (X-mode) cells ...Read More
K K Jhamandas, R J RJ Boegman, R J RJ Beninger, M M Bialik
Certain products of tryptophan metabolism interact with excitatory amino acid receptors to produce or protect against excitotoxicity. In this study, the action of several tryptophan metabolites, yield...Read More
R M RM Epand
Ergothioneine is believed not to be synthesized by man but it accumulates to high concentrations in some mammalian cells as a result of dietary intake. Ergothioneine is known to chelate divalent metal...Read More
H H Okamoto, S S Miyamoto, H H Mabuchi, R R Takeda
We're sorry this abstract is currently not available....Read More